My Story With One Direction

Kirtsi Lawson was your average lowlife 12th grader until One Direction comes and changes everything.


8. Friends?

"KIRSTY! WE'RE BACK!!!" I got out of bed to see a familiar Irish boy standing in the front doorway. I smiled and ran downstairs.

"Do you have everything you guys need?" I looked down and saw his bag. I really hoped he had his stuff for school tomorrow.

"Umm... Yep! We have everything. I hope you don't mind but we brought along a few friends to help cheer you up!" 

"Really?" I couldn't believe that they just happened to bring along friends to my house. 

"Well.... No. They were going to stay at my place tonight, just Liam, the boys and I." The boys? Who are these boys?!?! Why couldn't you cancel your party?!?! How did they know to come here, I mean Liam and Niall were literally gone for 3 minutes!?!?! My head was spinning with so many questions when all of the sudden 3 boys came in the door followed by Liam. Holy CRAP!!!!!! Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, and Louis Tomlinson are standing in my door!!!!!

"Hi! I'm Harry!"

"I'm Louis!"

"I'm Zayn!"

"And I'm the Cookie Monster!" We all stop and stare at Niall. 

"....Niall... What are you talking about?" I calmly ask him as he gives me a deadly serious look.

"You don't know ME! You don't know my story!!" He yells as he runs into my room upstairs. We all laugh our heads off as we ascend the stairs. I walk in my room to see Niall going through my drawers. "NIALL!!!" I scream as I tackle him to the ground and soon we are all in a dog pile. I have a feeling this is going to be pretty awkward so I invite the only person I could think of as a friend, that is until the boys arrived.


Hey Guys! It's me Doodlebug!! I wanted to know if any of you would like to be Kirsti's friend in the book??? Just comment down below:

-What you look like?

-Who do you want to fall for you?


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