My Story With One Direction

Kirtsi Lawson was your average lowlife 12th grader until One Direction comes and changes everything.


2. Assembly

"Hello. I am Mr.Singelton and I am your Homeroom teacher as well as some of you guys math teacher."

I sighed. It was the first day of school or as I know it... the first day of bullies.

I laid my head down on my cold desk which smelled of pine from the cleaners. The intercom turns on and announces that there will be an assembly in 30 minutes.

Mr.Singelton takes attendance and then releases us to the gym.

We all walk in and fill up the bleachers. I ended up on the bottom row, right in the center of the gym. The principal walks down with a microphone.

"Hello Students, welcome back to school!"

There is a low mumble slowly rising from the crowd.

"I called you all here to announce all of the new transfer students."

She does this every year and honestly I don't think many people payed attention.

She called out many names and then she pauses and stares at the sheet.

"Umm... and the last 5 transfer students are Liam Payne, Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson, and Zayn Malik." she announced stunned.

I started to freak out as they walked out of the dressing room like the rest of the new kids. Each student has an envelope. The line up and Mrs.Harrit (Principal) talks about a new "tour guide and mentor" program. So basically in each envelope is the name of a senior that will help the new kid.

Each person opens up their envelope and the Seniors slowly start to show up beside of the newbies.

"Kristi Lawson" I looked up and I could have fainted. I am paired with LIAM JAMES PAYNE!!!!!!

I stand up and walk over to him as I hear people behind me whispering things like "whore" and "slut". I just continue to walk toward him trying  not to scream.

"Hi!" he whispered to me.

"Hello!" I knew that this was going to be a great year.



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