A walk to remember

One day a baby panda bear was walking in a magical forest (alone) and five really hot guys walked up to it and took it home with them. When they got home the baby panda bear was scared, but Niall had a piece of bacon and gave it to the panda, then the piece of bacon blew the pandas mind. After it had trusted them it told them his name, which was Nike. They all freaked out and Louis fainted......


8. Where the heck am I going with who?

         I saw something down the road, I stopped and starred down the road. I saw a metal demon or "car" as they call here in this crazy place. I started walking to see who's car it was. I saw that it was a red car, it was coming pretty fast and it didn't slow down. It ran a stop sign, "What the hay" the car stopped in front of me. "Hey you guys ran a stop sign, that is illegal you know." I stopped to see their reaction, but the man that was looking at me didn't say a word. "I'm gonna have to write you up for that." I said very seriously. The man smiled, "Nike?"  man had a red and white hat on. It was an old face, he had a long bushy beard, with bright rosy cheeks and very in shape, like me, if you count round as a shape. "Nike come on in." he opened the side door and I jumped in. "Where  are we going?" I said looking at the happy looking old man. "Oh Nike, You've been a good boy right?" he looked straight ahead while he ignored me. "Yes, but I can't say the same for you. You drove past a stop sign." he laughed, "Do you know who I am?" he said still seeming to be in a happy mood. 

"No and how do you know mine?" 

"I know everyone's name." 

"Yeah well what's your name then?" 

"My name? You don't know who I am, really?" He asked again


"Nike i'm your father, no i'm kidding, my name is Kris Kringle and i'm also often known as Santa Claus."

"Santa what? Are you a an ant mixed with a really longed clawed cat?"

He laughed, "No, I am a person, but i'm a very special person who can get you closer to your friends."

"How did you know...?"

          "I told you i'm a special person." he looked off the road and smiled at me. We drove what seemed to be hours before he stopped. We were stopped at a stop sign, "Wow you stopped this time!" I said sarcastically, he laughed.

         I looked at him and thought to myself, "Maybe he will be the one to help me find my friends." I looked away and a few minutes later we stopped again. Santa looked at me happily, "So do you know everything?" I asked him. "Well Santa where's my family?" I felt a little nervous asking such an important question. He sat quietly for a few moments, "Um..Nike I don't know if I should tell you."


"I just...I want you to find that out yourself, but I will tell you what country their in."

"Well, tell me!" I was angry, yet excited.

"They are still in Japan, in the magical forest." He started driving again.


          "Yes." He looked at me and kept driving, "Now let's take a short cut." He pushed the round steering wheel down and the car felt like it was flying. When I looked around at nothing but a clear sky, it was so refreshing and clear. I saw that a flock of geese were heading straight for the car, the lead duck hit the side of the car and started crashing. Unfortunately since it was the lead duck all of the other ducks went down with it. I looked down and saw that they were still crashing, "Oops." I sat back in my seat. "Did you jus.."

"Yes that happens a lot, annually." He giggled a little.

"Ohhhh." I didn't like the sound of that

         We flew through some frothy, fluffy white clouds. They were so soft and felt like putting your hand in cotton candy, just not sticky. We flew for awhile, but it got really cold. 

"Hey Santa could you turn the air conditioner off?" 

"Oh, sorry being in this suit and all, it is very warm." He shut off the air conditioner.

"Thanks. So when are we going to get there?"

"We are already there."

"Well let's go down." 


          We landed near a lake, the hotel where my friends were staying was right across. Somehow Santa opened my door, he is a really is a special person, I heard they have "special" classes in school for that. I jumped out of the car and landed on the moist grass beneath. 

"Now Nike I want you to know that it's okay to write a letter." After he said that he mumbled to himself, "Most kids email me." and he rode off into the sky.

          "Okay?" I looked up to see something fall from the sky, it was a little piece of paper. It fell right into my hand and it wasn't paper at all, it was a picture. He wrote..

...Dear Nike, Merry Christmas, good luck finding your friends and family, From Santa Claus

         I saw that in the picture he was sitting in the red car next to the lake. How did he do that, I mean how did he take this photo without a camera? I guess he isn't a human, he is totally an ant and cat with long claws mixed. I laughed looking down at the photo, I can't believe he got me to them. 

"THANK YOU SANTA!" I screamed out loud to the sky where he disappeared, then I saw him in his red car riding by in the sky. "Ho ho ho." then a few ducks flew by and hit the flying car and fell to the ground with a loud honk honk and beep and a loud boom. Well that's not good.



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