A walk to remember

One day a baby panda bear was walking in a magical forest (alone) and five really hot guys walked up to it and took it home with them. When they got home the baby panda bear was scared, but Niall had a piece of bacon and gave it to the panda, then the piece of bacon blew the pandas mind. After it had trusted them it told them his name, which was Nike. They all freaked out and Louis fainted......


7. Striped Sweater

I woke up still on the rocks when suddenly I thought I saw the evil man but it was a silly looking clown. I guess he looked like one, just kidding...or am I. I Looked at the people walking around and the cage of tigers which held a mommy, daddy and baby tiger. I gave them all names after a few hours of looking at them. The mommy tiger is called Tigerous, the baby I called Tigger and the daddy is called Striped Sweater because it looks like he's wearing a sweat sweater and he's got stripes. I wrote him a song which I am going to sing out loud to him. I walked up to the end of the cage and squeezed through the bars and stood right in front of the tigers cage and called their names so they would notice me, but not only did the tigers look at me, everyone around looked at me. I am still going to sing anyway, so I stood up tall and started singing. "The best time to wear a striped sweater is all the time. One with a collar, turtle neck that's the kind. Cause when your wearing that one special sweater..." I got cut off when Striped Sweater struck a giant paw at my face, it hit my face with a loud thud and I think he was trying to give me a high five but must have missed and hit my face. What a silly tiger I thought, so I gave him grin and gave him also a, what you humans call a slap but what I call a high five to your face. I got threw the bars and also gave him a "slap" and he looked at me shocked like he had just ate bacon for the first time. He starred at me and growled so I ran quickly, got through the bars and went right to the panda cage where I watched him. He laid down on the cool green grass and fell asleep, I guess the little brat needed some sleep. I turned around and looked around for the other pandas I saw one sleeping on a bundle of leaves, another eating bamboo in front of the cage, the last one taking a bubble bath and he's got my rubber ducky! Just joking there's only two other pandas. I fell asleep on some rocks and closed my eyes and soon drifted away into slumber. I woke up to a snake in my face, it had big eyes, its tounge was sticking out and it had no arms. I looked at it's face but got up to soon realize how big it was! It was huge, probably twice as long as me, so I got up slowly and ran away, but it followed me. I ran to the end of the cage and it soon caught up to me. When it was about to bite me I gave it a high five to the face and it didn't look shocked like Striped Sweater did, instead  it raised it's body higher and higher. I got scared of how tall it was so I squeezed through the bars and out into the open where all the people were. 

"Ha-ha snake what are you gonna do now!" I said as I wiggled my butt at it

It lowered it's body until it's whole body was on the ground  and slid, without even trying through the bars and right in front of me. I knew I would die soon so I closed my eyes and got ready for my  death, but when I opened my eyes I was still lying on the rocks, alive. I must have had a bad dream, I was so happy I was alive I jumped up and hugged myself in joy and started walking to the end of the cage and went through the bars. I saw that no human was walking around, yet, I walked to the gate that said Cloud Zoo and jumped over the fence and started walking down the road leading to who knows where.




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