A walk to remember

One day a baby panda bear was walking in a magical forest (alone) and five really hot guys walked up to it and took it home with them. When they got home the baby panda bear was scared, but Niall had a piece of bacon and gave it to the panda, then the piece of bacon blew the pandas mind. After it had trusted them it told them his name, which was Nike. They all freaked out and Louis fainted......


2. Meeting the two legged

I a baby panda bear was walking in a magical forest and went to the creek to get a drink, when I heard a russle in some bushes nearby, then some two legged walked out of the tall green bushes and I would tell you how many there were, but I can't count yet. I tryed to run away (but I am not a good runner). I went as far as I could, but tripped over a mousuirell (which is a mouse and a squirell combined, remember it is a magical forest). I guess they heard me fall onto the many branches beneath me and they all came to see what was making the noise and surrounded me. One had blond haired and was eating a sandwhich, one had curly brown hair, one had brown hair and suspenders on, one had black hair that looked like a ramp (I think these two legged things call it a quiff), and one that had a buzz cut.

They talked to each other for awhile.

               The blond one said, "Can we keep it!" while there was food in his mouth

              The one curly haired guy said, " Yeah!"

The one with suspenders on picked me up, I tryed to get away but I wasn't very strong. After he put me in their giant metal demon, I tryed to escape but they shut the door on me and I was stuck in there ready to suffacate and die, but that didn't happen. The one with the black hair picked me up and layed me on his warm lap and I started falling asleep. Then the metal demon started roaring and I freaked out, I have never heard such a noise! I was jumping all around and then the one in the suspenders grabbed me and settled me down. I soon was very pleased that he was holding me, because if the metal demon wanted to eat someone I would jump out of his lap and he would get eaten first, not me. I soon fell asleep and dreamed of my mother, but I couldn't because the demon stopped and I then saw a very tall giant with a million shiny eyes, we entered the giant through what I thought was the mouth.

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