A walk to remember

One day a baby panda bear was walking in a magical forest (alone) and five really hot guys walked up to it and took it home with them. When they got home the baby panda bear was scared, but Niall had a piece of bacon and gave it to the panda, then the piece of bacon blew the pandas mind. After it had trusted them it told them his name, which was Nike. They all freaked out and Louis fainted......


5. At the zoo

We got into the metal demon, but the demon wasn't very scary anymore he tried scaring me by roaring again, but that didn't work. Stupid demon. After a few minutes I settled down on Harry' lap, since he was sitting in the back seat. I soon sat up and looked out the clear eye of the demon, then stared at all of the trees, flowers, other metal demons, humans, houses and little spots of the sun everywhere. It was so beautiful I loved the forest but this was a journey to me, I have always wanted to leave the forest but was too scared. To scared of giants and the sounds of death that I heard every night, the death of the small animals in the forest. When the animals died they always reminded me of the worst day of my life, the day my family fell apart. Ater a while the demon stopped in front of a gate that had swirls leading up to some words, but I can't read. I was so excited, to figure out what a zoo is, I wanted to know what a lot of things are, but I can wait. Harry grabbed me while I was jumping up and down excitedly, then he put me on the ground and put a leather collar on me.

"What the heck is this!" I said scratching it with my foot

"It's a collar." said Louis

Harry went to the car and grabbed a long brown rope with a metal thing on the end.He came over to me and attached the metal peice to my collar.

"What is this?!" I said all most screaming

"It's a leash." said Niall

"Why do I need these, I thought we were going to a zoo not a bacon buffet." I said

"Why would we need a collar and leash for a bacon buffet?" asked Liam as he was smiling

"So you can hold me back from eating all the bacon, I love bacon!" I said tring to smile

"Well lets go into the zoo now." said Zayn as he was giggling a little

The humans and I went under the gate and into an area where a whole bunch of caged animals were, it was horror.

            "Why are we here, this is not what I pictured a zoo to be like!" I said as I was tring to run away, but Harry who was holding the other end of my leash stopped me and the collar pulled on my neck.  

           "This is a place where they keep animals that are uncommon in these parts of the U.S. or going to be extinct and they keep them safe by putting them in a zoo." said Harry as I was walking back to the group happy now that they weren't just caging animals

"So is there any other pandas here?" I said as my feelings were going to shocked to excited again

"Yes, but they are on the other side of the zoo, so we're going to look at the other animals on the way." said Liam

"Ok, oooh what are those and what are those, what are those?!" I said excited and pointing at all the animals, as I stood on both my back feet, like the humans

"Calm down Nike, when we're here you have to act like a panda." said Niall

"Do I look like i'm acting to you?" I said

"Well don't talk and keep all four feet on the ground." said Niall

"Ok, no talking seems kinda weird, why don't you stop talking?" I said sarcasticly

I put my two front legs on the ground and stopped talking. All the other animals were making their own noises as we passed the orange and black striped giant cat, it made a loud roar sound and as we passed a snake in a glass case, it made a hissing sound. So I thought to myself, well whats my sound. I tried a couple but the humans kept looking at me.

"Meowww." I said, but some lady looked at me really weird so I tried another sound

"Moo." I said as I was next to a man with a flat rat on his face right under his nose, which was discusting. He looked at me and smiled then he looked up at Harry.

"Nice toy you got there, mind if I take it off your hands?" the man said in a distrustworthy manner

"I'm sorry, but he's not for sale." siad Harry as we walked away form the man, who seemed angry now

The man was walking behind us, but from a far as if to keep himself from being seen. I looked at him a couple times but he turned over to pretend to be looking at one of the animals in the cage. He seemed so suspicious, but probably not as suspicious as a panda mooing at random people. We walked past a monkey with a really red butt, I asked Harry if he had and rash cream, but he told me to be quiet and no he dosn't have any rash cream.

"Hey look there's the pandas." yelled Louis

I ran toward the caged pandas and started talking to them, asking them questions. Soon the humans caught up and were listening to my questions and the growling of the other pandas.

           "So how long have you guys been in this cage? Is it really safe here? What noise do pandas make? Do you guys like bacon? Do you guys..." I asked them a lot of questions, but was interupted as the man snatched the leash from Harry and grabbed me and ran away. I started screaming, totally forgetting about what Niall told me to do.

"Help! This crazy man gots me!" I said as I was kicking and hitting him, but couldn't free myself.

My friends started running after me, but the man got into his dark black van, he threw me in the back of the van and drove off. There was a clear eye in the back of the van and I looked out to find my friends running after the van, but soon they stopped out of breath and soon as the van drove off I couldn't see any of them.

"So you're a talking panda, i'm going to get a ton of money off this." He said in a evil voice

"I will never talk for you, you must have no life steeling baby pandas and having a dark mysterious black van. Creepy!" I said very unhappy

"Shut up!" he said as he parked the van still on the road only a few minutes from the zoo, right next to a forest.

He tried grabbing me and putting me in a cage he had in the back on a shelf. He opened his door and went to the back, but as soon as he opened the back doors I jumped out of the van and into the forest, he chased me for awhile, but for the first time ever I ran super fast. Noticing that my heart was beating louder and louder, I stopped. The man so far behind me he had to yell to find me, as if I was stupid enough to yell back.

"You'll never find me!" I yelled back to him, relizing I was dumb enough to yell back

I ran faster and faster tripping over a few roots and soon I could hear the man cunching twigs as he ran after me. I soon ran so far that I ran onto a dirt road and scraped my toe on a really sharp rock and then fell over holding my paw tring to stop the pain of all the dirt getting into the wound. I closed my eyes and started to cry, still laying on the dirt road, I was wishing I never mooed at that man and I was back with my friends, I wish I was with my mom, then I saw a shadow cover my body, the human picked me up and started walking as I was still closeing my eyes of the fear of knowing that it was the man.  









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