A walk to remember

One day a baby panda bear was walking in a magical forest (alone) and five really hot guys walked up to it and took it home with them. When they got home the baby panda bear was scared, but Niall had a piece of bacon and gave it to the panda, then the piece of bacon blew the pandas mind. After it had trusted them it told them his name, which was Nike. They all freaked out and Louis fainted......


6. A surprise

When I opened my eyes I saw who it was, a girl a teenage girl about the same age as my friends.

"My friends!" I shouted out remembering them

The girl dropped me and screamed, I hit the ground with a loud thud. I miss my friends even if I didn't know them for very long, I still missed them. I never really had a family and they were the closest thing to that and as I was thinking about them I totally forget about the girl. She was standing ten feet away from me and I was just sitting starring into space.

*Girls POV*

I saw the panda just starring into space I wanted to pick up my bag and run but I couldn't just leave this panda bear here. He was starring at me now, it stood up on its hind legs and it looked worried.

"A-r-re you l-looking for s-s-something?" I said very confused and in a stuttered voice

"Yeah, my friends." he said as he was paceing in circle

"Where is the zoo?" he said as he stopped and starred at me, with wide eyes

"Um I don't know a mile away." I said still a little confused

 It ran away into the woods again, but I wanted to know why he talked so I got into my car and drove on the road to the zoo, I think I left some things in the woods. I still drove to the zoo, and drove faster as I saw the panda run faster.

*Nikes POV*

I was running really fast now, and I was smiling, well tring as I was thinking of seeing my friends. I ran faster and faster and what seemed like a mile seemed like a run through the park. When I saw the end of the woods I saw a car and I ran past the car and I ran up the road and I almost went through the gate, but someone grabbed me. I looked at the persons face tried biting and nipping at it. It was the man, the evil man, the one who stole me from my friends. I kicked him and clawed at his face there were a ton of scratches on his face, but he didn't let go, untill I bit his nose. He dropped me, but as soon as I got up I ran under the gate and started looking for my friends. I saw many people stare at me, but I didn't care. I searched and searched, but they were nowhere to be seen and I started getting sad. I sat on the end of the fountain and thought of where they could be, at the house, at the forest. I saw the man coming so I tried running on the side of the foutain and ran along the edge and when he went one way I went the other people crowded around us and made a big circle and some people were laughing. I slipped into the fountain and I swam around for awhile tring to catch my breath and I climbed up the frozen fish woman and grabbed what seemed to be her butt but was replaced by grey scales. I climbed higher and higher and finally reached the top the frozen fish ladies hair and sat at the top so I wouldn't fall. The man jumped into the fountain tried to climb the frozen fish lady, but kept falling. I felt releived but got tired after awhile because it was getting dark out and the man left. I started getting down but I didn't have anywhere to go  or anyone to visit, this sucks. I got out of the fountain and walked down the cement ground trashed with popcorn and rappers, I saw so many beautiful spots of sun everywhere and the animals were sleeping in there cages. The pink butted monkey was sleeping in his tree and his pink butt was facing me. I giggled a little but remembered Harry saying he dosn't have any rash cream. I saw the panda cage so I squeezed my fat butt through the bars of the cage and went to sleep on the rocks.

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