Into Submission

My attempt at a story, with characters based off of some of my friends from school. Grammar is a little rough, although feel free to read and critique.


1. Four Days And Counting...


It was about six o'clock when Jordan awoke for school, he knew instantly that it was bound to be a ass-kick of a day. He was aware of it because on his head lie a pair of bright, pink patties; and next to him was a busty platinum blonde chick whom he had no memory of meeting. It was only Tuesday, and he knew that having his mom call him out from school would be nothing more than pathetic. 

He then shook her shoulder in the attempt to wake her up, and piece together the events of the previous nights the best he could. "Yo, hey there. Um, what...shit, uh... What happened last night?" he asked softly with somewhat of a blank expression on his face. 

She turned looking over at him, "Oh, hey there," she chuckled, "to be completely honest i'm not quite sure myself. But thanks for the last bit you gave me." She then leaned in kissing him on the mouth. He tasted a hint of cannabis as her tongue went into his mouth, realizing that it would be best for his sanity not to consider the details of the previous night. He was curtain of one thing however, they definitely did have sex; there are not many more explanations to waking up with a condom on. 

He tilted his head back so her tongue exited his mouth and began to speak, "Yah, I don't mean to be rude at all but I got to get my ass to school. You may wanna leave," he said in a calm and assuring state. 

She jumped out of his bed, "The fuck, you're in high school? Why didn't you let me know that you asshole. Wait, I know why, all you wanted was my pussy. Excuse me for opening up to you, literally, then venting about my ex, my relationship failures, and my fear of being alone all to be fucked by some kid who is still in high school? Oh my fucking god, I can't believe this!" While wrapped up in her rant, she managed to collect all her clothing, and put them on to be able to slam the door making a loud exit once she had finished. 

 Jordan then got up, smiling, and trying pretty hard to restrain himself from laughing hysterically. He muttered to himself, "Bet I didn't fuck like I was in high school. Dumb bitch." He then looked at the floor of his dark and messy bedroom looking for a shirt. He found a GNR tee laying on the floor next to a pair of blue jeans. "Perfect," he thought to himself, "I'm all set up." 

He then slipped the jeans on over his underwear, and pulled his shirt on. He then stumbled into the bathroom, pissing and missing, and zipping his pants back up as he stumbled down the stairs to the kitchen where his roommate, Beckah, was devouring a bowl of Special K.  

"Who the fuck was that vain little piece of shit you thumped around with last night," she asked teasingly. "I could hear the whole fucking thing all the way across the house.

Jordan gave her a look of confusion, "Well how the fuck am I suppose to know. I can't even remember my homework to save my life." 

She smiled, "Then try cutting back on the ganja genius. Then maybe you'll be able to remember shit."

"Hey, shut the fuck up," Jordan said in a mocking yet defensive tone, "I'm not the reason there's a permanent cloud of fucking smoking in the basement." He then grabbed his backpack. "Yo I think Caleb just pulled up, gotta run," Jordan said with a sincere smile, waving as he walked to the door. 

"Don't forget your balls!" she yelled as the door slammed in the background. 

Jordan then strutted down the walkway to a red, BMW 4.4i sitting at the end of his lawn. Jordan then hopped into the car. "Morning cracker," he said jokingly with a menacing smile. 

Caleb, while concentrating on the wet rained-on roads ahead, responded with, "Says the mother-fucker I just picked up from Little Compton." 

Jordan laughed, then in an almost instant attempt to change the subject said, "So did ya watch the Kentucky game on ESPN last night?" 

"Please," Caleb responded, "had homework to do, a girlfriend to comfort, and lines to memorize. Do you think I have time for sports anymore bro. Plus, it's only Tuesday. I was up so late last night that I'm practically a zombie this morning." 

Jordan then responded with a smile, "Don't die yet man, we're only four days and counting." Then then continued their quiet conversation all the way to school. 



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