Strange Attractor

Innocent seventeen year old Marley Anderson moves in with her Aunt Molly for the summer. Her world is quickly turned upside down when her walk in the woods turns into something much more. Marley, not only runs into the largest and strongest pack of werewolves in America, she also happens to run into the alpha, who is determined to make Marley his and only his.


2. Two

I was a little more than irritated with myself at this point. I shouldn't of gone out to the woods at this time, how did I not see it was a bad idea? I was stuck inside of the room by the man who claimed me to be his. He's crazy. But oh so attractive. They were all attractive. They also happened to be beasts who change into giant ruthless wolves. I found out that his name was Beau and I overheard someone call him Alpha. Why? I have no clue. I've been stuck in this room for about a half hour why the beasts did only God knows what. I was exhausted but there was no I was going to fall asleep in this room with all of them wondering the house. How many were there? I didn't even want to think about it. 

A few minutes later I finally heard someone come up the stairs and walk towards the room, I quickly sat back up on the bed with my back pressed against the headboard waiting for the attractive intruder. 

It was Beau who walked in just like I predicted. He walked towards me slowly like he thought I was going to bolt for the door. Which I probably should. I watched as he sat down keeping some sort of distance that I was thankful for. He didn't speak right away, he just watched me. I finally broke the silence though. "What are you going to do to me?"

His jaw clenched from frustration, I presume. And he took a deep breath before speaking in a tired, deep voice. "I'm not going to hurt you. I know how this must seem like but I'm not going to hurt you." I believed him in an odd way. I don't want to and I know I probably shouldn't but I believe him. 

"I can't stay here." It surprised me how calm he's being right now. I obviously don't know him very well but I have a feeling that his temper gets the best of him. 

He ran his fingers through his curly hair, biting his lip which made me blush at the thoughts that popped into my head. I scooted down closer to him but not too close, keeping our thighs from touching. "I have a lot of explaining to do and you're probably very confused. But now that I've found you, you can't go. You're mine." 

You're mine.

He's been repeating that all night. That and mate. And he's right, I'm very confused and tired. All of this seems crazy. I was just going on a walk and now I'm trapped inside some house by a bunch of muscle head men that shift into werewolves. 

I was going crazy. That's what it was. This was just a dream and I'd wake up and and laugh at myself for thinking this was ever real. 

Or it might not be a dream and this is real. What if he's crazy enough to keep me here forever? But the way he sounds it looks like I'll never leave. I was only seventeen and already my life is over. 

"Say something." He growled. I jumped at his harsh tone and backed away a little. His face softened and he repeated much gentler, "please say something."

"I'm tired and I want to go home and you can't keep me here."

I was shocked at my words. He could kill me if he wanted, I shouldn't be mouthing off. But I needed sleep and I needed to wake up and know this is just a dream. 

Beau sighed, standing up looking down at me. "This must be a lot for you to take in. But you can't go, not tonight." I started to stand up and protest but he stopped me before I could say anything and he used a much more authoritative tone on me that I heard him use with another one of the men that found me. "You will stay here for the night and we will talk tomorrow. I'll let you get your rest." I had to listen. You couldn't not listen with that tone. 

Before he left gently kissed my forehead which sent sparks of warmth and electricity through my skin and when I looked up his eye weren't the bright green they just were a few moments ago. They were dark, so dark and it looked like he was having a battle between someone else in his head. 

"I'll get you some clothes to sleep in." He said it in a husky hoarse voice that just made him even more attractive. 

Beau left the room and then minutes later was back with what looked like pajamas that would fit him. "Those are too big, I'll never be able to fit those bottoms over me." I was tiny in general but I was even tinier compared to him. 

Beau smirked, looking me straight in the eye. "You could always just wear my shirt." 

I blushed furiously at his suggestion. Snatching the clothes from him. "I'll make it work."

He just nodded, still smirking a bit. "I'll let you change and sleep. You can lock the door if you want, it won't do anything. I'll knock it right down if I have to. But I won't. I'll leave you be for tonight. But tomorrow, bunny. We're going to talk a lot and I will explain and answer any question you throw my way." 

There's that nickname again. Bunny. It made warmth spread through me but I'll never admit that to him. He walked out and left me to change. 

I quickly shed my clothes, throwing them in a pile. I didn't even try the pajama bottoms but I won't tell him that either. I slipped the shirt over my head and was fully engulfed in a woodsy soapy sent. I found myself unconsciously taking a big whiff of it. I blushed, whipping my head around as if he'd been watching me. 

I laid down in the guest bed they showed me to, sliding under the covers. I pulled them over me and laid down, staring at the ceiling. 

What about my aunt? She'll freak out when she sees I'm not in my room. 

Maybe if I wake up really early I can sneak back and get in bed before she wakes up. 

He'll catch me. 

The little bit of hope I had was shot. He'd catch me. He'd shift into a big dog and he'll just drag me right back to where I am now. 

It was hours before I got any sleep. All I could think about was Beau. But finally after awhile, I drifted off. 


A/N: Possibly the longest wait for an update EVER. I'm so sorry for making you wait so long! I got this chapter up if anybody is still going to read this. I promise I won't take that long to update ever again. This chapter is a little boring and uneventful, I know. It will get better, promise. 

Tell me what you think! 

Also if you have any suggestions I will listen to them. (:

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