Strange Attractor

Innocent seventeen year old Marley Anderson moves in with her Aunt Molly for the summer. Her world is quickly turned upside down when her walk in the woods turns into something much more. Marley, not only runs into the largest and strongest pack of werewolves in America, she also happens to run into the alpha, who is determined to make Marley his and only his.


3. Three

I woke up suddenly and sat straight up. I was a bit groggy but then I quickly realized where I was. I was with that crazy man and his freaky mutant dog things. He promised he wouldn't come in and there was no sign that he was being stalkerish, so that made me leave a sigh of relief.

I got out of the bed and stretched. I hadn't had a proper sleep because who would when you knew you were in a house with a strange wolf cult. I found my clothes from yesterday and quickly put them on, throwing Beau's shirt on the bed.

I had to get out of here.

But how? He made it very clear that I can not go anywhere, which was bullshit and unfair.

I didn't know what time it was, my phone was dead and there was no clock in this bedroom. I quickly and quietly walked over to the door, making sure not to make a sound when I turned the knob and walked out. All I saw were halls and nothing else. It was so hectic coming up that I didn't really pay attention when I was brought up here. I stayed as quiet as I could and slowly crept down the hall.

I found the stairs and didn't hesitate to go down them and right away I spotted the front door and I was going for it. I've never ran so fast in my life, despite last night of course. 

I was so close to freedom, I could taste it and then right when I thought I was going to be free, I crashed straight into something hard and landed on my ass. Looking up, rubbing my nose I spotted one of the guys from last night. The one who looked the least mean. "Jesus Christ, why is your chest so hard?" I groaned, standing up, moaning from the pain. 

But before the boy could even respond, he burst out laughing. My cheeks flamed up, looking away. "Beau gave strict orders to not let you leave this house and I'm not one for disobeying his rules." I groaned, turning around, really walking nowhere in particular because I have no idea where I'm going. 

I heard footsteps behind me, indicating that I'm being followed, mostly likely by the man. "The name's Kurt. I'm here to babysit you."

"Look, I don't need to be babysat," I snapped, looking over at him. "I need to to go home, my aunt is probably worried sick."

"Alpha will be out soon, he'll answer all your questions and as for going home, that's something you need to discuss with him. As for leaving, you're not allowed to leave my sight." 


They keep calling him Alpha, what does that even mean? 

"How do I know you're not going to eat me?"

'Why do you keep thinking we're going to eat you? And trust me, if I were to harm any hair on your body, Alpha would kill me in a second."

"Because you're all wolf monster things! A boy my age turned into a monster! Of course I think you're going to eat me." Kurt just smirked and shook his head at me and I soon grew frustrated again. I huffed and then all of a sudden my stomach let out a big grumble. I turned bright red in an instant. After all this worrying I totally forgot I haven't had anything to eat. 

Kurt chuckled, looking at me. "Hungry? Oh, come on. I'll make you something." 

Kurt was off, walking away, most likely to the kitchen. I followed behind but not too close. Even if I am being held captive, I've got to eat. I need my strength to try to escape again, don't I?

I walked into the kitchen, which was huge, and watched as Kurt already had brought out eggs and and what looked like bacon, turning on the stove. 

I sat down at the bar, watching him quietly. He was built nice. He had longer hair than most boys and it was jet black, his eyes a bright green. He was attractive.

But not as attractive as Beau. 

I turned bright red at my thoughts and looked down embarrassed, even though there's no way he could even see my face or read my thoughts. 

Breaking me from my thoughts, I heard a loud bang and someone cursing coming from somewhere outside the kitchen. Not even a minute later Beau comes crashing in. Clearly he just woke up because he wasn't even dressed. His hair was disheveled and all he was wearing were flannel pajama bottoms and no shirt.

When I whipped my head around, all I could focus on was his chest. I stared at his chest for a good few seconds before getting my dignity back and looking up. 

He was looking me straight in the eyes. And his weren't his normal color, they were so much darker. 

Before I knew it, he was over to me and engulfed me in his arms. His skin was so warm and for the hundredth time I was blushing. He was squeezing me so hard.

"Hey Alpha, ease up, don't want to hurt her." I heard Kurt cut in but he was quickly silenced by Beau growling against my neck. Kurt shut up. 

I heard Kurt slide a plate of the eggs and bacon on the counter before leaving the kitchen.

Beau released me slowly and I looked up at him, not knowing what to say. Beau stared down at me, I didn't know what to say. It was quiet for a while before he spoke up.

"I thought you left." I snorted and he did not like that.

"You have me on lock down, I can't exactly leave."

He just looked at me, nodding silently. "I'm sorry, I just can't let you go. You're my mate, I've been waiting for you, you're not leaving now."

"You said you'd answer my questions. Answer this. What are you? Are you freak beast too?"

Beau sighed, sitting down next to me at the counter. "It's called werewolf, not freak beast. And I am one, I'm the Alpha."

"What's an Alpha?" I probably sounded like a child, asking so many questions right after another.

"The Alpha is basically the head wolf. I am in charge of everything, everyone answers to me."

"You seem to be answering to me right now." He let out a soft chuckle, shaking his head, looking down at me.

"Yeah, it seems to be so. Any more questions?"


I had a lot of questions and I asked a lot. Beau told me everything and it took me awhile to get my head wrapped around it. I didn't feel so scared of him anymore, I felt relaxed in a way. I'd still tense up when he'd show super human qualities. 

Of course besides asking him questions about his crazy world, I asked him other common questions.

He's twenty-four, he played football in high school as the quarter back, his favorite music is a wide range, he loves to read, he has a bad temper, his favorite color is green, the list goes on. Talking to him as a person eased my fear of thinking of him as a giant wolf. 

When he told me about mates, I was red the whole time of course. The way he talked about it, it made me feel warm inside. He said that every werewolf in the world has a mate. They are the  literal other half who they love and cherish and that is theirs and theirs alone. He told me that there's a pull that they feel towards them right away, a possessive feeling that they can't control. 

I am Beau's mate, I am his one complete desire.


I found out that the time was around eleven in the afternoon. I freaked out right away knowing my aunt must be up looking everywhere for me. Beau agreed to let me go back home but only if I was escorted by him and that we'd meet again. I told him yes. I had this feeling towards him that I've never felt before and I was afraid of him but also I felt like I couldn't stay away now. 

It wasn't a long walk back my aunt's house. I didn't realize how close that I was to Beau's mansion and neither did he apparently. And it was even more of a crazy day when we walk up to the house and Beau suddenly stops and turns towards me, "Your aunt is Molly?" 



This is such a shitty chapter, I know. I'll probably re write it. I'm sorry for taking so long, I know. 

If anybody is even still reading this, that'd be amazing, haha. 

If you want, give me some ideas on what you'd want to see happen or anything like that, I'm always up for suggestions!

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