Strange Attractor

Innocent seventeen year old Marley Anderson moves in with her Aunt Molly for the summer. Her world is quickly turned upside down when her walk in the woods turns into something much more. Marley, not only runs into the largest and strongest pack of werewolves in America, she also happens to run into the alpha, who is determined to make Marley his and only his.


5. Five

A/N - I am so so so sorry for not updating in literally a year! My personal life has just taken over and I've been so busy with uni and I play a sport so practice and all that has also consumed me. If any of you guys are still reading this, thank you so much! It means a lot. Since things have calmed down a tremendous amount that updates should be more frequent. I'm working on figuring out an agenda that I'm going to follow that will give the days that I am going to be updating but again, thank you so much for still reading this if you are! Also check out my other story, "Wanderlust" because I plan on continuing that one too.


Beau was supposed to arrive in about ten minutes and my emotions and nerves were everywhere. I’ve had no way to contact him, so we haven’t spoken since that day he dropped me off at Molly’s and I had so many questions. I was torn with myself; I couldn’t wait to see his face again but then also I never wanted to see him again. I didn’t know how to feel.

    I was just finishing up my makeup and smoothing down my dress when I heard Molly yell for me to come downstairs. “Marley, hurry up. Beau’s here!” I instantly became nervous. I wanted the floor to open up and swallow me up. I did not want to go downstairs. I sucked it up though and smoothed down my pale yellow dress and made sure not a hair was out of place, I still wanted to look presentable.

    I took a deep breath and I walked downstairs and the first thing I heard was his voice. They were talking in the kitchen and I rounded the corner and I heard him laugh at something Molly had said and jealousy bubbled up in me. I tried to swallow it down the best I could because as soon as I walked, he instantly stopped laughing and they both looked my way. He just stared and I stared back and Molly must have not felt the tension because she just went right into introducing us.

    Little did she know we had already met.

    “Marley, you finally came down! This is Beau, my boyfriend.” He stuck out his hand like I was supposed to shake it. I stared at it for a few long seconds before I finally took his hand in mine. I felt immediate sparks when our skin connected and I knew he did too because I could see his slightly turn from that gorgeous green to black. Just for a second though.  I mustered up the best smile I could force and shook his hand. “It’s nice to finally meet you.”  The sweetness that dripped from my voice was so forced, I didn’t even recognize myself.

    “Likewise, what was it? Marley?” Anger coursed through my body at his tone. I didn’t understand why his tone and mood suddenly changed. I’m the one he lied to; I’m the one that should be angry.  I dropped his hand and then turned towards Molly with the same smile on my face.

    “I invented Parker over for dinner, I hope that’s okay.” I didn’t turn towards Beau but out of the corner of my eye I could see him tense up at Parker’s name. Truthfully, I didn’t invite Parker over to make Beau jealous, I had clean intentions. I invited him over for my own comfort. How was I supposed to go through an entire dinner with Molly and Beau acting like lovebirds while I just sat and watched? I couldn’t and I refused to do so.

    “Of course not, sweetie. I’d be happy to see Parker over here again.” I sighed in relief, I never asked her and I know she is welcoming but you never know. I went to turn around to go towards my room but Beau’s voice stopped.

    “Who’s Parker?” His voice sounded strained, like he was trying to control himself. Molly cut me off before I get answer though.

    “Oh, just some boy who’s always had the biggest crush on Marley since they were little.” She was laughing like it was the funniest thing. I turned a beet red while Beau on the other hand looked like he was seconds away from killing someone. His fists were bunched up tight and he had the meanest look on his face; it would’ve been cute if he hadn’t lied to me.  He quickly got it back together and with a strained voice he mustered out, “Oh, how cute.”

    I didn’t respond, I just ignored him even though I was dying to be in his presence. I walked back up to my room and waited patiently for Parker to arrive.


    About thirty minutes later we were all seated around the dinner table and it was extremely awkward. I sat beside Parker while Molly and Beau sat on the other side across from us.  It was quite as we ate our spaghetti except for the occasional conversation starter Molly tried out. I sighed in annoyance, this was not how I wanted to spend my night. Parker must have sensed my discomfort because all of a sudden I felt a warm hand being placed onto my thigh. It was innocent, he didn’t mean it in a pervy way but Beau must have saw the small movement because all of a sudden he abruptly stood up from the table. His aggressive movement pushed the table to go towards me and the next thing I know my glass over water spilled over and got all over my dress.

    I gasped, standing up quickly stopping the stream from coming onto my dress even more and immediately grabbed some napkins to try to clean up the mess. “Beau, what the hell?” Molly looked up at him shocked and he finally realized what he did because he looked over with regret in his eyes. He knew lost his cool.

    “I’m so sorry, Marley.” The way my name sounded coming out off his tongue made me forgive him instantly. “I don’t know what came over me, forgive me. Excuse me real quick.” I didn’t say anything, only nodded. He left the dining room and walked up the stairs to the bathroom, I’m guessing. Parker has been quite during the entire situation while I continued to try to wipe down my dress.

    “It’s no use,” I huffed, “I have to go change.” I walked out of the dining room quickly and ran up the stairs and was heading straight for my room until I bumped into a hard chest.  Beau.

    I looked up into his green eyes and I instantly forgot why I was upset at him. He didn’t say anything right away, just followed me into my room. I blushed realizing I hadn’t exactly cleaned up. Clothes were scattered everywhere, my makeup was not properly put away and I had empty soda cans laying around. In that moment I realized how young I was compared to Beau by my childish and messy like room. I had posters of my favorite bands hanging up and my babyish flowery bedspread didn’t make it any better. He silently walked over to my messy bed and sat down.

    “I’m sorry.” I know he wasn’t talking about spilling water on my dress, it was about Molly.

    “Turn around.” Was all I said as a reply and he did so and then I changed out of my dress into comfy grey sweatpants and a t-shirt. I told him when he could turn around and he did so and I stood in front of him, still feeling small even though he was sitting and I was standing. “Why didn’t you tell me?”

    “I was shocked, bunny. I had no idea that she was your aunt and as soon as I laid eyes on you, I forgot about her.” His words shouldn’t bring me such joy and comfort. This was my aunt he was talking about but I couldn’t help it, I wanted him.  He slowly wrapped an arm around my waist and brought me down on to his lap. I turned around so I was straddling him and I wrapped my arms around his neck and I just nuzzled my face in the crook of his neck. I didn’t want to argue with him and I could feel him visibly relax at my touch. “We’ll figure it out but right now I don’t want to fight.”



    Parker must have left in the time span that Beau and I were huddled up in my room. We did take quite a bit of time upstairs and I hadn’t even realized it. Beau was swift with coming up with an excuse to Molly. He said he couldn’t stop apologizing to me and that he was just embarrassed to have acted such a way.

    Beau soon left after but before he did he made sure to slip his number to me and he gave me a quick kiss on the forehead before Molly could see. I was dreading Beau’s departure for two reasons: He was leaving and would be away from me and Molly and him were still dating, so I knew a kiss would be on its way.

    I saw Beau stiffen as he realized Molly was leaning in and I couldn’t bare to watch it, I turned around quickly and started to head up to my room but I heard them kissing and it wasn’t a short one.


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