Beauté Mortelle

My name is Kareena. For now. I speak 42 different languages, I have been to 63 different countries, I have killed 720 people in the past 3 years, and I can murder a man in 36 different ways. I have had 21 different identities in the previous 5 years, 203 in my life. I am on the run from Russia, France, Germany, China, Australia, and England. My job? I am America's top secret weapon. Aka- Americas top agent. I have never failed a mission, nothing has ever gotten in the way. Until today, when I face every girls biggest problem. Love.


2. Kareena Augusten; Tueur Americas Best.



  "Welcome to the world..." Harvey starts, puzzled. I look at my reflection. My new reflection. Short curly brown hair. Light blue eyes. I was naturally tall, 5'7, but the new me was taller- 5'9. "Kareena" I smile. No... Kareena would not smile.
  "Great. Kareena.... Augusten. Kareena Augustan, 20 year old student from France. You hope to continue your dream as a dancer in England. You speak well English, though, because your dad came from America," Harvey takes a breath of air, "Are you sure you want to do this, Agent?"
  Of course. I am not doubt doing this mission, weather Capitol HQ approves of it or not. I know why Harvey is nervous, though.
  The last time I visited England, I was Erin Haurson, the girl that was suddenly pulled out of school by the English Parliament. That was my trickiest mission. My duty then was to simply get the Ozain Diamond and return back to America before it was noticed. And I almost failed. Almost. I luckily had hidden it before I was arrested.
  That was 7 years ago, though, I in that time, I have never messed up. I don't make mistakes, when you are Americas top spy, there is simply not time for that. I adjust my dress. Today I would be meeting up with H.K.,  Capitol's Head of command. I and 2 others were the only agents in America that have meet H.K. face-to-face. Me, being Head Agent, have met H.K. multiple times.
  "Yes. Of course. Sargent Harvey, have I ever passed up on a mission?" I ask, crossing my arms. Harvey had been here in Capitol for 5 years now. When here at Capitol, you are assigned a Supervisor. I was Harvey's for 4 long years, and now, he is still below me.
  As walk up to the south wing in Section A36, I turn behind to face Harvey one more time. "Wish me luck, Sargent." Harvey looks back at me, "You don't need any, Kareena."
  I walk up to the Port, buckling my self into the pod the size of a body. "Destination?" Asks a computerized female. "Section C41" I say in a straight voice, any sign of emotion when talking to a pod commander will blow you up. "Finger print, ID card, and full name please." I pull out my Capitol Activation Card, scanning it onto the Port screen. I then press my finger to the key pad, "Agent 54396532" I have memorized my cereal number.
  The screen turn blue and then flips to a map. "Now sending you to Section C41." I shut my eyes, holding my breath as the Port begins to rumble to life. Then, in a blink of an eye, the Port zooms through the endless tunnel. I hear the wind smacking the walls of the Port. I have done this millions of times. Some people call it impossible. I call it protocol.
  Traveling at the speed of 250 miles per hour in a body sized pod. Flinging under ground, across America, underneath houses and pools, millions of feet into the earth. My first time was horrifying, but now I enjoy the feeling of zooming across the country, under ground, by myself. Believe you me- Its not as scary as going below the ocean. I have traveled below the sea many times, but you never loose the paranoia of being under so much water. You just... Ignore it.
 In the Capitol, we call this transportation, 'Ground Driving'. Capitol is strange- Some think we fly around in private jets. Not a chance, jets would surely be seen by enemies, but if you go into the ground and zoom below the country, world even, nobody will know.

   People think that we are called the FBI. No, the FBI never existed. The FBI is kind of like Capitol's cover name.
  Also, the Capitol is underground. The building stretches across the world in different sections from A-Z. Ports, like the one I am in, have tunnels all around the world, making it easy for any of us to travel.
 Finally, the Port slows to a stop. "You have reached your destination, Section C41" the voice reads. I unbuckle myself, unlocking the Port door. The familiar blue walls and marble tile of Section C41 greet me, and I smile. Out of all the Sections in Capitol HQ, C. has always been the nicest.
  In Section C. the most important Capitol Commanders live. Doctors get Section B., Agents (like me) get Section A., Trainees go to D., Sargents and Generals stay in E. It is a endless list of the Alphabet and positions, all around the world.
  As I jump out of the Port, I notice a group of Trainee's staring at me. I recognized most as Harvey's students, they recognized me as the #1 Agent in all of the Capitol.
 I give a meaningless smile to the start struck Newbies, pulling down my skin-tight dress a few inches. I walk up to H.K.'s office, giving 3 knocks onto the door. A beep sounds and the Video Camera turns on, zooming onto my face. "H.K., its Agent 54396532. I am here to talk to you about The Mission" I stare deadly into the camera.
  I here several clicks and then a loud buzz as H.K.'s metal volt door opens. 2 body guards lead me through the hallway, opening the door for me. "Welcome, Agent." H.K. Turns around in her leather chair, facing me. "Commander," I nod, taking a seat.
 "I heard you would like to have me reconsider my new mission. Commander, I hope you know that I have no intention of that" I look H.K. straight in the eye. If you are taking notes, here is one; Always look a Commander in the eye. Especially if you are a Agent. "You are mistaken, Agent. I dont need to reconsider anything of your new mission. I trust you. I dont, however, trust England. And I hope you can fully agree with me on that. Agent, I have had a update on England new training system. Rumor has it they have a new Agent of theirs, better than before" She looks at my dead in the eye. Commander H.K.'s eyes were a grayish blue color, one that you found interesting and intimidating at the same time. Another note to you; Dont get intimidated by Commanders. They are just as bad as their weakest Agent.
  I remember England's last Agent. When I say Agent, I mean...Agent. As in, one like me. England's best. I guess England's best was not good enough, though. Because now she is dead, my 714th murder in that past 3 years. Her name was Samantha. She was good, sure, and I gave her tips, considering she almost wiped out Australia with The Plague of 2007.
  "Really? Does this new and improved Agent have a name I should be watching out for?" I ask, cracking my knuckles. "Unfortunately, his identity is still hidden. But we have uncovered names before, and we will this time around, as well" H.K. Grimly says. Of course.
  "Just remember, Agent. Your mission is simple; You shall befriend this new Agent, and see what you can get from him about England's plans. Then, you shall report back immediately. We in the Head of Command have been catching on that France & England are planning something. Your job, and only job, it to find out that plan."
  I nod solemnly. I don't understand why H.K. thought of this as such a important mission. I have spied on other countries before, it's not hard. Then again, it's not easy.
  "And by the way, I have sent some trainee's to move your personal furniture to your new apartment in London. But, I have left your weapons up to you on how to ship them. Your weaponry set is lying in your house right now. When you come back, the Port will be waiting. You are excused, Agent."

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