Beauté Mortelle

My name is Kareena. For now. I speak 42 different languages, I have been to 63 different countries, I have killed 720 people in the past 3 years, and I can murder a man in 36 different ways. I have had 21 different identities in the previous 5 years, 203 in my life. I am on the run from Russia, France, Germany, China, Australia, and England. My job? I am America's top secret weapon. Aka- Americas top agent. I have never failed a mission, nothing has ever gotten in the way. Until today, when I face every girls biggest problem. Love.


5. Ils Vont Me Trouver À Londres.


    I walk up the creaky steps, slowly knocking on the door. Sure, I knew that in apartments, you just walk into the lobby, but Kareena did not. "Hello, missy" a door man opens up the door, leading me to the lobby. "I'm am moving into apartment A10? I rented out last week, but I need the coordin- I mean... I need to know which room it is." I speak in a French accent to the receptionist, remembering that normal people don't say 'coordinates'.     

  "Right, it is 2nd floor, last door on the left side of the right hallway. Here, I will right it down-" She starts, but I answer, "No- I can remember. Thank you." I then walk over to the stairs. Agents remember instructions easily, and I defiantly don't want the directions to where I will be staying written down for anybody to see. "Um, there is a elevator.." The door man points, but I shake my head. 2 flights of stairs was nothing. I ran up 27 flights in my mission at Paris.     

  As I enter the 2nd floor, I notice the baby blue walls and black marble floors. The sound of my feet clicking against the stone remind me of Section A36. My real home. The left hallway, there is A1-A4. To my right are doors A5, A7, and A9. On my left, there was A6, 8, and mine- A10.       

      Now, I have done a whole scan in the apartment building- names, jobs, birthdays, ages, height and weight, family members... You name it.     

   A5; Justin Malory. 22 year old student, lives with his girlfriend, Fiona Gibson, for half of the year, the other half stays at his apartment. He will be out of his flat for the next 4 months. 6'2, brown hair, brown eyes. He is a party animal, and plans on getting his masters, and moving off to America with Fiona. Cute.  

  A6; Charleen McKinely. 54 year old piano teacher with a bachelors degree from the University of Musical Arts. 5'4, blonde/grey hair, green eyes, quiet and stays in her apartment too long because her only friend is a cat named Bubbles. Charleen has no family.  

   A7; Emily Kingston. 20 year old photographer, without a job, she does not go to school and is lost when it comes to what she wants to do in life. Emily has 3 dogs, and her boyfriend, Blake, who is in a band. 5'7, black hair with hot pink tips, pale, gages the size of pennies, and snake bites. Emily is the classic misunderstood child.  

   A8; Harry Styles. 5'10, curly brown hair, green eyes. I actually have no other information. Well... The Identification Section does not; his job, age, previous life, is all hidden. Lucky for HQ, I am on this mission. And hey- they don't call me the best for nothing.  

   A9; Don Yeam. 21 year old writer from Asia. 5'9, black hair, brown eyes, he goes to University to become a poet, but he is trying out Fantasy writings- for now, for young adults. Don is low-key, but can become crazy easily.      

   By the seems of it, there is nothing abnormal about this bunch. Except Harry. Not normally are people's profiles of any kind are just.... Erased. No family. No school. No previous life; Either Harry is just trying to start fresh with things, or he is try to hide things.    

   I turn into the right hallway, bumping into somebody and making them stumble backwards. "Woah there! Who are you?" Asks a guy with dark hair and eyes. Don. "Erm.. Kareena. Kareena Augusten" I stick out my hands. "You visiting Charleen or something?" He turns to apartment A5. "No. I am moving into A10. What is your name, by the way?" I ask in a French accent. "Don. You come from France, huh? I once lived there. Why'd you move to England?" He fires me with questions as I begin to walk to A10.      

    "Starting school at the University of Preforming Arts. I am interested in dancing..." I unlock my door, and when Don tries to come in, I stop him. I have weapons everywhere in the flat, and I don't want somebody like Don near them.    

   "Well, Emily and her boyfriend are out tonight, and you never hear much of Charleen, and Justin is out, you can stop by if you ever feel lonely." He explains, leaning on the door frame. Lucky for Kareena, she is 5'9, so he does not lean down on her. "Thank you for the offer, Don, but tonight I plan on resting" I shut my door, and look around the apartment.

   The apartment was the size of a shoe box. The first thing you see as you enter is a book shelf. On the shelf is normal things like pictures of people (Im not in any of them) and some books. It looks normal, but only I know that if I push aside the shelf, there will be a door to another room. The other room is a storage closet which has been personalized by HQ to hold my weponairy equipment. To the left of the book shelf is my desk and to the right is a mattress. Across the room is a sink and a frigde, and a small bathroom with only cold water. 

 Here at the Capitol we like to keep things classy.

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