Beauté Mortelle

My name is Kareena. For now. I speak 42 different languages, I have been to 63 different countries, I have killed 720 people in the past 3 years, and I can murder a man in 36 different ways. I have had 21 different identities in the previous 5 years, 203 in my life. I am on the run from Russia, France, Germany, China, Australia, and England. My job? I am America's top secret weapon. Aka- Americas top agent. I have never failed a mission, nothing has ever gotten in the way. Until today, when I face every girls biggest problem. Love.


4. Chanter le Commandant.




   I shut my eyes tightly as the Port rumbled to life, suddenly zooming forward. Wind slapped the sides of the pod, making my adrenaline higher and higher. I feel pressure suddenly on the pod, and I know that I have made my way underwater.
  It takes the Port 7 minutes to cross the sea, and 3 to make our way from the bay, to the center of London.
  The Port comes to a stop, and I unlock and unbuckle. As I get out of the Port, I find myself in the familiar Capitol center, being the only one in London. From other eyes, it was a huge private mansion with a ton of high-tech security, but to me- It was HQ.
  "Welcome, Agent 54396532 to Section K11."
  I make my way out of the Port room, and into HQ's main lobby. Several Sargents and Trainee's buzzed around, as Sections K-M in England are for training purposes.
  "Welcome, Agent, to Section K11 in England HQ. May I please have a finger scan and a ID card, please?" Asks a Interigator-in-training. I press my hand up to the tablet-like item he holds out, and then I flash him my card.
  Here in Capitol, Agents were like Jocks, Sargents & Generals were cheerleaders, Commanders were principles, Interrogators were the student council, Professors were teachers, Doctors were nerds, and trainees were freshmen. I guess you could that me being the BEST of the best, I was like the boss of the school.
 I mean, come on, I am fucking amazing at my job.

  I walk past security and up to Head of Command Center. "Oh, Erin! Is that you?" I hear a English voice call out. "Madison?" I turn around and extend my arms out, as Madison hugs me. "Erin! What are you doing back in England HQ?" She laughs. "Well, I'm Kareena now. And I have a mission. Supposedly the English & French are planning something, and... Well, I am here to figure it out" I smile. 


  "So, I am guessing you have heard about England's new Agent?" Madison asks, leading me to a bench outside of Head of Command Center. "Yeah, I got attacked by a minion, actually." Madison's eyes widen. "You mean, he has sent people out to America already?!" She sighs, rubbing her left temple.


  Me and Madison have been close since a young age, but she chose the path of a Professor. Mad was kind hearted, but I and the rest of HQ respect her as a member.


  "Yes. Why? Is this knew information?" I lean over, trying to get her attention. "Oh, Kareena, this Agent sure knows what he is doing. He has reportedly attacked 14 Agents of ours, but Head of Command thought is was only in Europe, so far..." Madison drifts off. "Listen, Madison. There was a reason why HQ sent ME here, and that's because I am the only weapon they have right now. Do you seriously think I can let some Brit out of my control?"

 Madison looks at the ground, then back up to me, "Well, the tests they ran on the murder techniques proved that this 'Brit' is a lot more better than we thought. I'm just warning you, Agent." She looks back up at me, and I cross my arms. 

  "I need to talk to Head of Command about my stay in London, excuse me, but I should get going," I sit up from the bench and give Madison a weak smile. One problem about having a friend as a Government Professor? They always bring out the bad in you.

  Madison looks after me as I enter Head of Commands office, shutting the door behind me. "Well, well, well. If it is not Agent Haurson.." Says Commander Trinet. "Actually, Commander, it's Agent Augusten, now" I give him a weak smile as I take a seat across from his desk. I am sure that Commander Trinet has it out for me, if he chooses to admit it or not. 

 "Another identity change? What's the character now? Perhaps a transfer student from Spain, here to accomplish-" "Actually, no. My new name is Kareena Falia Augusten, and I am a 20 year old collage student from France, coming to England to presume my dream as a dancer" I give a meaningless grin to the Commander as his face darkens. "Why are you here, Agent?" The Commander asks.

  "Well, Commander H.K. sent me to you, don't flatter yourself. I need the directions to my new apartment, actually" I sit up in my chair. Another meaningless smile. "Should you not be checking in the Identity Section?" he asks. I bite my lip.

  "Im sorry Im such a burden for your time. I didn't mean to interrupt as you stalked helpless people. What would H.K. say once she figured out what you were doing? Abusing your power as a Commander, huh?" I lean forward, "You may have gotten your position of a Commander because you are a good leader, and you are smart. But I got mine, because I can read a person like a book easily. And I just found a story that would be mighty interesting to H.K." I sit back. Commander Trinet's mouth opens a bit, and then his eyes narrow. "I dont know what you are talking about, Agent. I use my time to help The Capitol. I have never used it to abuse my position." He lies.


  All lies. I have known this man for the 7 long years he has been here, and for those 7 long years, I know what he is doing behind closed doors. I stand up, "Excuse my, Trinet, but I should be heading out" I then walk out of his office. I feel his eyes burn onto the back of my head as I shut the door. I know what you are thinking, if I really hate him, I would just tel H.K. and his job would be eliminated, but I like the feeling that I have figured out something that Trinet does not want me to know.


  I make my way down to the Agent Identity machine, where I type up Kareena Augusten. When Harvey enters my name to the system, Kareena is a real identity. As I scroll through a list of names, I find mine. I print out my new ID, posing for a second as the machine takes a picture of me. I fill out Kareena's ID, and then write down the apartment H.K. as assigned to me.


  A apartment in the middle of London, 2nd story up, last door to the right hallway. I search the names of everybody else on my floor. A girl named Emily is across from me. A guy names Don next to Emily, a boy named Justin next to Don, a girl named Charleen next to Justin. My next door neighbor on the floor, is a boy named Harry Styles. 19 years old, 5'10, curly hair and green eyes.

  I hope these people know what trouble I am bringing them, by moving onto their floor.




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