The Twin Angels

Liam is a 14-year-old boy when a angel from the sky fell on him. Not long after that he was no longer on earth but another world. What will happen to Liam there?


15. The Room

June led us to the only empty bedroom she had. I guess I'll have to share a room with Rainie. We sat in silence. I noticed that Rainie has been blushing ever since we walked into the room.

"Relax Rainie. We had a long day" I said.

"oh... uh. ohkay. Then I will go take a shower"

Rainie walked away.

"UGH! What am I going to do... I don't know this place very well so I can't walk around. I guess ill stay in this room."

Rainie walks out of the shower. In. Her. Towel.

We made eye contact. 
Rainie screamed. "uh.uh.uh... I'm used to living alone. so it's a habit to walk out like this..."

Then she ran back in the bathroom.

"Woah, I said to myself. What a weird day."

I guess ill just go to sleep.

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