The Twin Angels

Liam is a 14-year-old boy when a angel from the sky fell on him. Not long after that he was no longer on earth but another world. What will happen to Liam there?


6. The Other World

The light of the feather grew brighter and brighter. It turned so bright that I had to close my eyes. I could hear the wind blowing and turning around me. Finally, it settled down. When I opened my eyes, I wasn't in my room anymore, instead I was at a place with a glowing red sun. The sky wasn't the usual blue either, instead it was light green. A voice said, "Hey, welcome to my world." I turned around and I saw the angel from before except without her wings. Her golden hair was blowing and it seemed so unreal, like a painting.

I looked at her and said, "Can you please explain where I am and how i got here?"

She had a mischievous smile on and said, "You're going to help me, won't you? If you do, I will be yours forever."

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