The Twin Angels

Liam is a 14-year-old boy when a angel from the sky fell on him. Not long after that he was no longer on earth but another world. What will happen to Liam there?


13. June's Explanations

"June! Why are you here?", I said shockingly.

"Heh, you don't know anything do you?", June laughed, "I was brought here by a space program. They wanted to test if this planet was suitable for humans to live in. At first, I just did it for the money that they were going to give us if we returned, but the people here accepted me and welcomed me here, so I decided to stay. Didn't you ever wonder where I've been for the past 5 years?"

"I always thought that you moved away," I replied.

"EHHHEM!", Rainie interrupted, "So, are you full? We should get going and find a place to stay overnight."

"Alright. Bye June! Thanks for the meal!", I said.

While walking out of the cafe Rainie looked mad.

"What's wrong Rainie?", I asked

Rainie's face turned red and said, " Nothing!"

I chuckled. "Girls are so predictable."

I put my jacket over her shoulders. Rainie's face became livelier.

Smiling, I said, "Okay, now lets find a place to stay."

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