The Twin Angels

Liam is a 14-year-old boy when a angel from the sky fell on him. Not long after that he was no longer on earth but another world. What will happen to Liam there?


10. Afterwards...

Rainie was on top of me. "Owww.. that hurt," said Rainie.

"Umm... Rainie....can you...," I stammered.

Rainie finally realized she was on top of me. She quickly stood up and helped lift me up. She blushed and for a moment I thought that she was cute, but I shook that thought out of my mind.

I looked at her shy eyes and said, "So, what did you want me to help you with?"

She stepped closer to me and whispered into my ear, what I was suppose to do? Before I could react to Rainie's request, Destiny appeared again. Instead, she had two samurai swords in each of her hands. She looked at me and I regretted being with Rainie.

I tried to explain, " I-I didn't choose anyone yet. You guys began to I didn't make a choice..."

This time, Rainie and Destiny both looked at me and asked, "Then, who are you going to choose to help?"

I was shocked and joked, "Cant I choose both of you?"

Destiny and Rainie's cold voices replied, " NO."


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