One Shot's

One shot's I write them for everyone. Just tell me your name and age and who you want


4. Kelly - Zayn

"Have I ever told you that I love your cousin Heather?" Chantel was praising Heather again for inviting me to come to London and see her and after begging for a day or so Chantel was also coming to London with me.

"Yeah yeah. You've only said it like very day since she said you could come too." We laughed. We were on the plane, landing in a little while and having the time of our lives.

"Well it's true. I still think we're dreaming the same dream." Chantel laughed. I just gave her a look. I couldn't wait to land. I come used to come every summber but last summer I couldn't come. I was happy to be able to come this summer.

"You have to be nice to Heather. You have no idea how much begging I had to do to get you here." I laughed.

"I still can't believe Heather's holding something I did when I was younger against me. We were kids." Chantel laughed her evil laugh.

"You recorded her singing in her underwear and put it up on youtube. If you did that to me I would've done the same thing she did." I laughed remembering the video.

"I took it down didn't I?" Chantel looked away.

"Yeah after pretty much everyone in school saw it." It was a horrible year for Heather before my aunt moved to London taking Heather with her.

"Fine I promise to be nice and kind to Heather." Chantel gave me a cheeky smile.

"Thank you." I smiled back at her.

"This summer is going to be fun." Chantel was right. We were going to have fun and a lot of it.

"It is. There's one thing." We started laughing. "That we're going to do and that's stock One Direction." I laughed.

"Oh and we have to make Heather take us to Nando's. I want Nando's." chantel was an eater. She could eat for day's.

"Yeah that's the main thing you want." We started laughing.

"We are landing soon. Please put your seats up and buckle up." We smiled and did as we were told. I couldn't stop smiling. In a few minutes i'll be hugging Heather. I missed her.

"Oh another thing. We are going to an Conor Maynard concert." Chantel loved Conor.

"We will. And an One Direction concert too." We laughed. The plane landed. We unbuckled and grabbed our carry on's.

"Kelly I think I forgot to thank you for begging for me." Chantel stopped me and hugged me. "Thank you." I smiled at her.

"Chantel you don't have to thank me." We stopped hugging and kept walking. I looked around for Heather. At first I didn't see her but out the corner of my eye I saw her. "Heather!" I started running towards her.

"Kelly! Chantel!" Heather started running too. When we got face to face Heather put arms around us. "Kelly i've missed you so much. I can't believe it's been two years." Heather smiled at us. "It's nice to see you again Chantel."

"I've missed you too Heather." Heather smiled at me.

"Nice to see you too Heather. Thanks for inviting me." Heather smiled at Chantel.

"No problem. Let's go get your bags." We went and got our bags and walked out to Heather's car. We got in and drove away.

"So girls I know you love one direction like I do. I got concert tickets for us tonight. I know it's short notice and everything but hey it's one direction." Heather started laughing. "Oh Kelly did I tell you that I met Liam once or twice." Heather smiled really big.

"No when the hell did you meet him?" I couldn't stop smiling.

"Well I met him once at a shop and another time at Nando's. Love Nando's." We all laughed.

"Good cause I want to go to Nando's." Chantel smiled.

"Good cause I practically eat there all the time." It didn't take long to get to Heather's. It was really nice. I'm guessing she still lives at home with my aunt. "Come on girls. We have to go get ready for the concert." We got out of the car and walked into the house. We followed Heather up stairs to what I think is her room.

"I like your room. It's cute." I sat down on her bed.

"Thanks. I decorated it by myself." Heather walked over to her closet and looked at her clothes. "I think i'm going to wear my blue strapless dress." She pulled out her dress and layed on the bed. "Kelly do you know what you want to wear? Chantel?" I looked at her.

"I don't know. How long until the concert?"

"We have an hour or so." Heather walked back over to her closet. "How about you wear this red dress." She pulled it out. It was cute. I liked it.

"I like it. Thanks i'll wear it." Heather handed it to me.

"I have this white dress i'm going to wear." Chantel walked over to her bags. She pulled out her dress.

"Oh I like that. It's cute." We all started getting ready. I was done first.

"So Heather how have things been?" I didn't really know much.

"Well my mom's seeing someone now. He's really nice. He treats her good and that's all I care about. I'm doing good. I'm talking to someone but I don't want to say anything and nothing happens between us, so I'm gonna wait see what happens. How about you?" Heather was finished and sat beside me.

"Well I haven't dated anyone since Joey. My Dad started dating this lady he met from work and my mom hasn't really talked to any guy's yet. I don't think she's ready to yet." Heather put her arm around me.

"Kelly everything will be okay you know that right? Look at me and my mom and dad." I knew everything was going to be okay.

"Yeah I know that. It's been an hour shouldn't we be going?" Heather looked at her phone.

"Shit yes. Let's go girls." We ran downstairs as my aunt Hellen was coming in the door. "Hi bye mom can't stop we're late." We didn't wait to hear anything we kept running. "The concert isn't that far away."

"Okay I hope we're not late. I don't want to miss a thing." We got into the car and pulled away.

"Um Heather. I want to say thank you again. And I want to say sorry bout everything I ever did to you." Chantel was actually being nice to Heather.

"You don't have to thank me. All that happened when we were younger." Heather smiled.

"Good." Chantel sat back and smiled. We pulled up out front of a big building with a lot of girls waiting outside. "Oh my fucking god. That's a lot of girls."

"Yeah I would say." I couldn't believe this building could hold everyone out here.

"Well not all of them are going to be in there. Most of them come anyways to see the boy's walk by." I kinda felt bad that all these girls were here to see and meet the boy's and they couldn't.

"I feel bad that they can't see the concert." Heather looked over at me.

"I know me too." Heather found a parking spot and parked. We got out and walked up to the doors. Heather pulled out our tickets. When she did I saw something else but she hid it before I could really see what it is.

"Tickets please." This really big guy asked for our tickets. Heather handed them to him and he smiled. Heather smiled back. He handed them back and let us by.

"I can't believe we're here." Chantel was jumping up and down.

"Come on girls the concerts bout to start." Heather grabbed our hands and pulled us up front.

"How did you get front row tickets?" Heather smiled.

"I have my ways." I gave her a weird look. "Fine I'll tell you later it's starting." The boy's walked out on stage. I swear Liam looked over where we were and winked at Heather. Damn I must be seeing things. I laughed. "What's so funny?"

"Oh um nothing I'm seeing things." Heather laughed. The boy's started out with What makes you beautiful. I loved it. Chantel loved. Hell everyone loved it. They sang Up All Night next. I loved that song. Louis did his hip thrust infront of us. I almost died. I looked over at Heather. She was stairing at Liam. I knew Heather liked him. I couldn't take my eye's off of Zayn. "Thank you so much Heather. I love you so much." I hugged her. She smiled at me.

"I love you so much too." We looked back at the stage. The boy's were starting to sing I want. It was the last song of the night. I was a little sad. I didn't want this night to end ever. When they finished and thanked us and ran back stage. Chantel and I turned to leave but Heather grabbed our hands. "Where the bloody hell do you think your going?" We gave her a 'what the fuck look?' "Oh yeah I forgot to tell you. I got us backstage passes. So we can meet them!" She pulled out the passes. I couldn't do anything. Chantel started laughing.

"Heather I think you broke her." Heather laughed. She put my pass around me neck and put her's on. Chantel put her's on too and we walked to the door that lead backstage.

"Passes?" The guy from the front door was standing infront of us. He remembered us and smiled. "Ah never mind I can see them." It looked like he blinked at Heather. My god i'm losing my mind. We walked backstage. Heather must have knew where she was going, so we followed her. We go to a door that said 'One Direction'. I smiled really big. Heather knocked and Louis answered the door.

"Boy's we have company!" He steped aside so we could get in. All the boy's were doing their own thing. Zayn was sitting on the couch. When he looked up at us he smiled. I couldn't help but smiled. Liam looked over at us.

"Heather." Liam walked over to her and hugged her. She smiled big.

"So I wasn't seeing things when you winked at Heather?" I pointed to Liam. He laughed.

"I didn't think anyone saw that." I smiled at him. "You must be Heather's cousin Kelly and you must be Kelly's friend Chantel. We've heard about both of you." Chantel smiled. She looked over at Harry and walked over to him. I didn't pay any attenchen to Chantel and Harry. "Niall, Zayn, Lou come here and meet Heather's cousin Kelly." The boy's walked over.

"Nice to meet you." Nial gave me one of his Horan Hugs. I smiled really big.

"Nice to meet you too." I looked at Louis.

"We've met at the door. Nice to see you again." Louis hugged me.

"Nice to see you again Louis." We laughed. Zayn steped beside Louis and smiled.

"Zayn dude meet my friend Kelly." Louis put his arm around my shoulders. I laughed.

"Nice meeting you Zayn." I smiled at him.

"Nice meeting you too Kelly." He smiled at me. Everyone were off talking.

"Everyone....I'm starving! Who wants to go get food?" Niall got everyones attenchen.

"Thought you'd never say food." Chantel stood up and laughed.

"I'll take it as we're going to get food." We all started walking out. We went out a back door to this big van. We started getting in.

"Um what about your car Heather?" Liam turned to Heather.

"Key's?" Heather gave Liam her key's and he gave them to someone. "Take Heather's car to our flatt building. "Car taken care of." We finished getting in and drove to Nando's.

"Yes Nando's. I've always wanted to try Nando's." Chantel jumped out the van and ran to the door. We all looked at her weird. She turned around and looked at us. "Well?" We all got out and walked inside.

"How many?" The waiter behind a stand asked us.

"8 and can we get a table in the back?" Liam asked her nicely.

"Sure follow me." We followed her to a table we all sat down. Liam and Heather sat beside each other, Chantel and Harry sat beside each other, and Zayn and I sat beside each other. Louis was on my other side and Niall on his other side. We were all looking at the menu's. "What can I get for you?" The waiter looked at everyone but she looked at Zayn with gouglely eye's. I looked away.

"I don't know what's good." Niall laughed.

"Well I want the number two and for these two they'll take fours." Niall pointed towards me and Chantel." We all laughed.

"Thanks Niall." I smiled at him.

"No problem." Everyone else ordered and the waiter walked away. When she was out of ear shout Zayn looked at me.

"Sorry about her you know trying to flirt." I smiled at him.

"It's okay Zayn." I fake smiled at him. The waiter came back with everyone's drinks. When she set Zayn's down gougled eyed him. She smiled at him.

"Um miss not trying to be mean but i'm here with my girlfriend." Zayn put his arm over my shoulders. "And I would like it if you would stop flirting with me and so would she." I just smiled at her. She stomped her feet as she walked away.

"Thanks but you didn't have to do that." I smiled at him.

"Oh I know I didn't but I wanted to. I like you and you didn't like that she was doing that so I figured you liked me too." I smiled at him.

"Um yeah I do." He smiled. Another waiter brought our food to us we all ate and talked. I was having the night of my life. I couldn't ask for anything better. Louis paid for dinner.

"How about you girls stay with us tonight?" Harry winked at Chantel.

"Oh I agree we stay with them tonight." Chantel didn't even breath while she said that. We all laughed.

"Kelly do you mind?" I smiled.

"No I don't mine Heather." Zayn smiled.

"Then we're staying the night. I'll text my mom and tell her." Heather pulled her phone out and texted my aunt Hellen. We all got into the van and went back to the boy's flatt building. We walked inside. Harry grabbed Chantel's hand and pulled her to his and Louis' flatt. Niall went to his. "Kelly you mind if I go with Liam to his?" I smiled at her.

"No I don't mind. I don't think Zayn minds if I spend the night with him." I looked at him and smiled.

"Oh no I don't mind bye." Zayn grabbed my hand and we walked into his flatt. "Welcome to my flatt. Sorry bout the mess, didn't know I was having company tonight or I would've cleaned." I looked around.

"It's not messy." I smiled at him.

"So what do you want to do?" I looked at him. I didn't know what to do.

"Um I don't know. Want to watch a movie?" I looked at his movie stand. He smiled.

"Sure we can watch it in my room." He walked over and grabbed a movie and grabbed my hand. He lead me into his room. He walked over to his dvd player and put the movie in. "Would you like something to wear. I don't think you'd want to sleep in a dress." I looked down at my dress.

"Um yes please?" Zayn smiled and walked over to his dresser and pulled out a shirt and sweats for me.

"Here you go. You can change in here. I'll go into my bathroom to change." I smiled at him while he walked out his room. I changed fast and sat on his bed. I saw the title of the movie. Titanic. How'd he know it was my favorite movie. I smiled. He walked back in and hit play on the movie. We layed on his bed watching the movie cuddling. Halfway threw the movie Zayn looked down at me and kissed me. "Kelly I have a question for you." I looked into his eye's.

"Yes?" He looked me in my eye's and smiled.

"I know we just met and everything but would you be my bird?" I smiled before I leanded up and kissed him. I smiled into the kiss. "Is that a yes?" He kissed me.

"That's a Hell Yes!" I kissed him again.

Three Years Later

Right now I was sitting in Zayn's dinningroom having a romantic dinner that Zayn made for us. We've been together for three years now. "Kelly?" I looked up at him and he was down on one knee. I was shocked.

"Zayn are you?" He looked me in the eye's.

"Kelly you stop being my bird and become my wife?" I started crying. I pulled him into me and kissed him long and passionately. "Is that a yes?" He kissed me.

"NO that's a HELL YES!" I smiled at him and kissed him again.

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