One Shot's

One shot's I write them for everyone. Just tell me your name and age and who you want


3. Kaylyn - Harry

How could this be happening. I baught these tickets. They couldn't be fake. I started to cry. I couldn't believe this. All I wanted to do was meet one direction and go to their concert. My mom wasn't going to be back here until 10. What was I going to do for four hours? I started crying even more. My mom was going to be so pissed at me. She told me not to buy my tickets from someone I didn't know. I felt someone sit beside me. They put their arm around me. All I could do was cry into them I didn't even know anyone here. I looked up and saw some girl sitting there letting me cry on her.

"What's wrong?" The girl smiled at me.

"My ticket's. I paid a lot of money for them and they're fakes." I started crying more. The girl started rubbing my makeup teared cheeks.

"Don't cry. Do you know who sold you the tickets?" I looked down.

"I didn't know them. I baught them online. All I have is the number I texted to get them." The girl smiled.

"Give me the number and i'll help you get in to see the boy's." I smiled at her.

"Really? Why would you do that." I was confused. "How are you getting me to meet them?" She smiled at me.

"Well let's just say I have my ways." She took her pass off of her neck and put it around mine. "Let's go. I'm Heather by the way." She smiled at me.

"I'm Kaylyn." I smiled at her. We started walking to the backstage door. "How are you getting in without your pass.

"Everyone knows me." We walked to the door.

"Hello Heather. Where's your pass?" This guy blocking the door looked big and scary.

"Well really I don't need one cause everyone knows who I am Chuck." They laughed.

"Who's this?" He looked at the pass. "Heather how many times have I told you. You can't help everyone. I ment it the last time I said it. No more."

"But chuck this will be the last time. I swear. Someone sold her fake tickets." Chuck gave her a look. "Fine i'll just text Niall and tell him that you wont let me in." She turned around and smiled at me.

"You promise this is the last time?" We smiled at him. We walked in the door. We were part way down the hall when Heather yelled to Chuck.

"I promise until next time." They started laughing. I smiled.

"Thank you so much. I can't believe someone I don't know is helping me." I hugged her.

"No problem. It makes the boy's smile when they get to meet their fans." We walked to a door that said One Direction. I smiled.

"My makeup, how bad is it?" Heather looked at me. She whiped a little at my cheek.

"Good as new." She smiled at me and opened the door. The boy's were getting dressed. "Hello boy's." Heather walked right in and sat down. I just stood at the door.

"Um Heather?" Louis pointed at me.

"Kaylyn come in and sit." I couldn't move. The boy's didn't have shirts on and they looked hot. "I think you boy's broke her." Heather started laughing. Harry came up to me and pulled me into the room and shut the door. I walked over to Heather and sat down.

"I'm sorry for frezzing up like that." I laughed.

"I'd rather have you frezze up then scream and yell." Louis laughed. Loud sounds hurt his ear.

"I'm Kaylyn." I smiled at the boy's.

"So Heather how'd you get Chuck to let you bring her back." Heather smiled at him.

"I told him I was going to text Niall and tell on him. He baught it." We laughed.

"Let me guess he made you promise this is the last time." Niall sat beside Heather.

"Eh he did but I didn't promise him. I said until next time." Heather laughed.

"So why did you bring Kaylyn back? Not to be mean but Heather has a reason everytime." Liam leaned on the back of the couch.

"Well someone sold her fake tickets to meet you and see the concert." Heather leaned to me. "That reminds me. Give me your phone, she has their number. So I thought we would call them. We meaning you boy's." I handed Heather my phone with the number pulled up. Liam took my phone from Heather. The boy's walked into the bathroom and shut the door.

"So Heather how do you know the boy's?" Heather smiled at me.

"Well i'm from here orginally but I moved to London for college. I'm going for cooking. Just my luck, my family helped me with paying for my appartment which they call flatts. My flatt happened to be in thier building. I cook a lot and Niall eats a lot. It was bound to happen that Niall knocked on my door and questioned me about my cooking." She laughed. "I became friends with him and the boy's." I smiled at her.

"Oh how lucky you are. I would freak sleeping in the same building as One Direction." I laughed.

"Oh I did when I found out we lived in the same building but by the time I met them It was like they were like me and you." She smiled at me. "So who's your favorite?"

"Well I like Harry. He's so cute and I love his smile." I smiled at her.

"Awe that's so cute." The boy's came out and Liam handed me my phone. "So what happened?" Heather looked at them.

"Well the nice man said he would give Kaylyn her money back and he said he'd stop selling fakes." Harry sat beside me. Heather smiled.

"Boy's it's time." Some guy stuck his head in the door.

"Let's go girls. Your watching from side stage." Harry grabbed my hand to help me up. I blushed. He smiled at me. We walked to side stage while the boy's walked out. They started with Up All Night. The whole time they were out there singing I noticed Heather couldn't take her eye's off of Niall.

"You like him don't you?" I smiled at her.

"I do but he doesn't like me. I'm fine with being his best friend." Harry looked over at us and smiled.

"I think you two would be a cute couple." I smiled at her. Harry came over to us and pulled us out on stage. There were a lot of girls out there.

"Harry what are you doing?" Heather looked confused. The boy's never pull someone on stage. Harry ignored her.

"Everyone having fun?" Liam yelled. Fans yelled back. So did Heather and me. "Well we wanted to introduce some of our friends to you. This is Heather, she's been our best friend for a year or so." Niall cut Liam off.

"And she's been my bird for....Wait I forgot to ask her." Niall smiled at Heather. She blushed. "So what do you say. We've been friends for a year now. Will you be my bird?" Heather looked out at all the girls. Liam handed her his mic.

"Why didn't you ask me before? You know I have stage fright." Heather turned toword the drumer.

"I wanted to ask you in a way that's no ones ever asked." Niall walked over to her and put his arm around her. "Say yes?" Heather smiled.

"Yes i'll be your girlfriend. Were in states, what you call bird we call girlfriend." Heather laughed and kissed Niall on the cheek. She looked over at me. "And this lovely girl here is Kaylyn. We might not friends as long as me and the boy's but she's our friend. Say hello everyone!" Fans started going crazy.

"HELLO!" The fans screamed. It was crazy being out infront of all them. I waved.

I looked over at Heather and pointed backstage. She smiled and walked over to me. "Let's go. I don't like being out here either." We laughed. We watched from sidestage the rest of the night.

"So how does it feel knowing Niall liked you all along?" Heather smiled.

"It feels great knowing he likes me too. Now I get to hold his hand and kiss him when ever I wanted to." Heather blushed. "So do you want to go on a date with Harry?" Heather smiled.

"I'd love to." I was confused.

"I know a little something. When the boy's were in the bathroom Harry was texting me. He thinks your cute." I smiled.

"Really?" I blushed. I never in my mind ever thought Harry would like me.

"Really. Let's go to their dressingroom and wait for them." We walked backstage to their room and waited. We sat on the couch. "Harry wants to ask you out but what everyone doesn't know is Harry is actually shy when it comes to girls." Heather looked like she had a plan.

"Awe makes him even more cute." I smiled. Heather stood up.

"Follow me. I have a plan." She walked over to the bathroom and opened the door. "Wait in here. I'll make sure Harry takes his shower first." Heather shut the door as she took out her phone. I waited like ten minutes and then I heard the boy's.

"I'm first!" I heard Harry yell. He opened the door and shut it with out looking around. I heard Heather on the otherside.

"Boy's hold it shut." Heather laughed.

"What the bloody hell is going on." Harry yelled at them.

"Well you said you like Kaylyn but your too shy to do anything. Well your not coming out until you ask her out." Harry turned around and saw me standing there.

"You in on this?" He gave me a look.

"I knew Heather had a plan but I didn't know what it was." I smiled at him. He looked like he blieved me cause he smiled back.

"So I'm guessing Heather told you I thought you were fit?" Harry blushed.

"Maybe." I smiled at him.

"Well I think you are and I want to go out with you." I blushed. "So will you go out with me?" I smield at him.

"Well since you put it that way. Yes I'll go out with you." Harry hugged me.

"Oh that god you said yes." I looked up at him and he kissed me. In the middle of the kiss I heard whistling. We looked at the door and the boy's were whistling and Heather was smiling.

"See told you Harry liked you." Harry gave Heather a look.

"I'm never telling you anything again." Harry laughed at the look Heather was giving him.

"Oh come on. I only told her cause I knew you wouldn't do anything about it. You'll thank me some day. I know it." Heather started walking out of the bathroom.

Four Years Later

"We want to thank everyone who came today to celebrate with us." Harry stood up holding a glass. "It's been a wonderful four years with you Kaylyn." I smiled at him. "I just want to make sure we'll have more wonderfull years." He smiled at me. He got down to one knee and pulled out a ring. "Will you marry me?" I started to cry.

"Yes yes yes." Harry put the ring on my fingure and kissed me.

"Everyone she said yes!" He picked me up kissed me again. "Oh yeah I forgot to say something." Harry looked over at Heather. "I have to thank one of my best friends. We wouldn't be here if she hadn't locked us in a bathroom together. So thank you Heather for being there for us and helping us." We smiled at Heather.

"Awe your welcome. I better be the maid of honor." Heather yelled. We all laughed.

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