One Shot's

One shot's I write them for everyone. Just tell me your name and age and who you want


2. Katie one shot - Niall Horan

I can't believe that right now I was sitting at a One Direction concerned with my beat friend Nevaeh and my cousin Heather. I still don't k ow how Heather git us the tickets. She keeps saying in due time you'll know. Damn it I want to know now! "You know Heather I'll get it out of you know." Heather smiled at me.

"I never said I wouldn't tell you, just not now. How often do you get to see me. Just enjoy this wonderful British boy band with Nevaeh and me please." I gave her an I don't know look. "Fine I promise when the night is over you'll know how. Okay?" I smiled.

"Deal. Have I told you lately that I love you?" Nevaeh laughed at us. "What?"

"Well you two are the biggest One Direction fans I know, your at their concert and instead of listening and enjoying the British boy band your talking?" We all laughed. "And odds are you'reonly saying you live her cause she got us tickets for One Direction." I looked at Heather. She had this fake hurt look on her face. I didn't just love her for this, she's family and my best friend. I was about to say something but Heather cut me off.

"Don't worry I know you loved me before the concert tickets." I smiled. "Love you too cousin." I side hugged her. "When it comes to Nevaeh I know she only loves me for the concert tickets." We all laughed.

"Oh you know it. I've only been your friend for years because I knew about One Direction when we were five and I knew you'd get me concert tickets when we're 20." I loved my friends.

"Yeah yeah. Pay attention to the boy's." We did what Heather said and payed attention.

"So the nights not over just yet. One of our best mates Ed Sheeran is here." Niall said with a smile. "He asked us if he could sing a song but we told we didn't know if you would want him to." The fans started screaming. Niall smiled. "I'll take that as a yes?!" Just as Niall said that Ed walked out onto stage. The boys all hugged Ed then walked off stage.

"Hello everyone. Hows everyone doing?" The fans screamed. Ed smiled. I looked over to Heather and she was smiling really big. Ed started singing a song called The A Team.

"What's with your big smile?" Heather didn't take her eyes off of Ed.

"Oh its nothing." I didn't believe Heather. I could have swore when Ed came to our side of the stage he smiled right at Heather. I know I'm not seeing things.

"That's weird." Nevaeh looked at me.

"What is?" I looked at Heather then at Ed. Nevaeh smiled. "Oh I get it." I didn't say anything else. The concert ended about ten minutes ago but we were still in the concert hall. Heather said something about waiting for the craziness to go down before leaving. I didn't think anything of it.

"So when are you going to tell me?" Now that the concert was over, I wasn't going to leave Heather along.e until she told.

"Soon the nights not over just yet.! Heather smiled. "I have something else for us." I didn't say anything else. Just gave her a dirty look. We waited ten more minutes.

"Come on Heather can we please leave now? The craziness has to be gone by now." Nevaeh stood up and pulled on Heather's arm. Heather's phone went off and she smiled.

"Just one more minute." Heather put her phone away and smiled at me. A minute later I saw someone walking towords us.

"Heather love." When the person got closer I saw it was Ed Sheeran. I looked at Heather. Heather was smiling.

"Ed!" Heather walked over to Ed and hugged him.

"Um Heather?" Heather looked back at me. "How do you know Ed freaking Sheeran?" Heather smiled.

"I told you I was dating a Guy named Ed. I figured out of the two of you when you saw Ed freaking Sheeran at the concert I just happened to get front row tickets to, that you'd be the one to put two and two together." I didn't know how to react. I laughed.

"Now that I think about it. That explains why you both were smiling like mad minds during your song.! Heather and Ed laughed.

"Didn't think anyone would notice me smiling at Heather." Ed laughed.

"I don't mean to be rude but I'm starving. When are we eating?" Nevaeh laughed. I heard people talking.

"Did I hear a conversation about food?" Out the corner of my eye I saw the boys of One Direction standing there and Niall smiling.

"Why yes my hungery friend you did." Ed laughed at Niall's face.

"Who are these lovely girls?" Harry put his are around Ed's shoulder. Ed laughed.

"Back off Styles." Ed put hus arms around Heather. "This here is my bird Heather and her friend Nevaeh and her cousin Katie." Harry smiled.

"So this is the Heather we've heard about for a month now?" Heather smiled.

"Why yes I am." Heather smiled again. Harry looked right at me and gave me those eyes. "Oh by the way Harry, Katie. She's a Niall girl. Sorry." Niall smiled. Louis laughed at Harry's farcical expression.

"What not used to getting turned down Styles?" Nevaeh laughed. "Can we go now? I'm still starving." We all laughed.

"Yeah lets go." Ed grabbed Heather's hand. "You boys want to come?" Ed smiled at the boys.

"When do I ever turn down food?" Niall laughed. God I thought I loved hearing Niall's laugh in video's. Its ten times better face to face.

"Well then I think we have to take two cars then." Liam pulled out his phone and texted someone. "We have our car out front. Do we need to get another or are you taking your car Ed?"

"No sense in calling g for another car when I have my car here." Ed pulled out his keys. We all walked outside to get in the cars. I thought since the concerned ended about an hour ago that not many girls would be outside. Boy was I wrong when we stepped outside. They were screaming and taking pictures. The flashes from the camera's make it harsbto see. I almost walked into Niall. He turned and smiled at me.

"Need some help?" Niall put his hand on the small part of my back to help lead me to the cars. Every so often we stopped so he could sign something and take a few pictures. We got to the cars. The boys got into their car and we got into Ed's car. When I got in I was smiling like a fool. Heather noticed and smiled.

"I take it someone likes am Irish boy?" Ed laughed at Heathers way of hinting at Niall.

"Someone definitely can't stop smiling. Hasn't stopped since we got in the car.! Nevaeh laughed. It didn't take long to get to the diner. The One Direction boys were waiting out front for us. We got out and walked inside together. The hostess's eyes bout popped out her head when she saw everyone. She was either a big One Direction fan, Ed Sheeran fan, or it was cause of the amount of people we had.

"Table for nine?" She smiled at us.

"Yes please. Oh and can we get a table in the back away from everyone else?" I guess Liam didn't want to be out in the open. I understand.

"Yes right this way." We followed her to the back. "Your waiter will be here shortly." She gave us a big smile and walked away. Ed pulled out Heather's chair for her. I went to pull my chair out but someone else pulled it out for me. I looked to see who it was, I looked right into Niall's eyes. I smiled.

"Thank you." I sat down and Niall sat beside me.

"No problem." Niall smiled.

"Not just for pulling my chair out, but for helping me with the camera flashes." I smiled at him.

"No problem its the gentlemenly thing to do." I smiled. Our waiter came to our table. His name tag said his name was Jeff.

"What can I get for everyone to drink?" He smiled at everyone but when he smiled at me he smiled a little longer. I looked away.

"I'll have a coke." Louis smiled at the Guy.

"Um I'll have tea." Zayn half smiled. Everyone else either got coke or water. The waiter smiled. When he walked away he looked back at me and smiled. I shivered. He braught everyone theirvdrinks and took our food orders. We were all laughing and talking the whole time. I loved this. Spending the night with my favorite band, favorite Singer, my cousin and my best friend. What else could I ask for? The waiter braugt our food into us.

"Would you like to order desert?" Jeff smiled at us.

"Um sure. Could you just bring sundaes for everyone?" Some how Louis knew I loved sundaes. I smiled

"Sure thing." As Jeff was walking away he winked at me. I bout chocked on my Burger.

"What?" Niall gave me a look of concern.

"The waiter keeps weirdly smiling at ne and when he walked away he winked at me." Niall laughed.

"Katie that means he fancies you." Niall smiled while he was taking a bitevof his food.

"There's flirting and being creepy." I took another bite of my burger. Everyone laughed and talked while eating our food. Louis was really funny. I couldn't stop laughing. We all finished eating. We were jsust sitting talking and waiting for our sundaes. A little girl walked over to our table smiling really big. She tapped Niall on the arm. He looked over at me thinking it was me. I smiled at the little girl. Niall smiled at her too.

"Hi Nill can you sign dis?" She was si cute. He snipped at her.

"I'd love too." She smiled big and handed Niall her paper and pen. He smiled and started signing his name and a little saying for her. "What's your name cutie?" She smiled at Niall.

"I'm Anna." Niall smiled and finished signing her paper. The waiter was handing out our sundeas. When he was handing Niall his Anna leaned into Niall.

"I fink your girlfend is pretty." I smiled at her.

"Thank you but." Niall cut me off.

"Thanks I think so too." Anna smiled and skipped off. Niall pointed towards Jeff. He handed me my sundea. This tine when he was walking away he didn't wink or smile at me. I looked at Niall.

"Thank you a lot." I smiled at him. "You didn't have to do that." He smiled.

"No I didn't but I wanted to." We all finished our sundeas and Ed and the boys spilt the tab. We all walked outaide.

"You all want to come to our hotel and watch movies?" Harry leaned against Ed's car looking at Nevaeh. She looked at us and smiled.

"Sure we'll come back and hangout." Ed smiled as he got into his car. We all drove back to the boy's hotel. We walked in and got in the elevator.

"So what movies we watching?" I really loved watching movies. Harry laughed.

"Oh nothing much. Just some scary movies." He laughed at my face. "Dude Niall I think your going to be Katie's hiding spot." Harry smiled as he opened the door to the hotel suite.

"I don't mind." I smiled. We all settled down and cuddled up. I laughed when I looked over at Zayn and Louis cuddling together. I looked up to see Niall smiling at me. I smiled at him. We started leaning into each other. We kissed. It wasn't just some little kiss. It was a long passionate kiss. I smiled in the middle ofbthe kiss. When we stopped kissing I saw Heather smiling at us out the corner of my eye. I smiled bigger.

3 years latter

"Niall I um we um." I couldn't say it. Niall sat beside me on our bed.

"What is it love?" I could find the words to say it. I handed him the plastic test I held in my hand. He looked at it and smiled. "Are we really?" I smiled are his reaction.

"Um yes we're pregnant." Niall picked me up and spinned me.

"I was waiting until our anniversary but." Niall put me on my feet and got down on one knee. "Marry me?" He pulled out a ring and put it in my finger. I smiled.

"Yes.....Hell yes!" I pulled Niall up by his shirt and kissed him.

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