One Shot's

One shot's I write them for everyone. Just tell me your name and age and who you want


1. Catanlin Pinto one shot - Niall Horan

I was on my way to my first one direction concert with my best friend Savanna. "I still can't believe we got front row tickets." I smiled.

"I know. How did you even get them?" Savanna was still confused. I told her a million times.

"I won them, on twitter. A one direction page was giving away tickets and I won." She was still confused.

"But how do we know they're real?" She made a good point. I laughed.

"Well they got them personally from one direction them selfs. We're going to meet the girls that gave them to us." The concert started in an hour, We just got here and there were a lot of girls. The boy's said that this tour they were bringing in a few girls for sound check. I don't think were going to make it in for it.

"Catanlin I don't think we're making it in for sound check." I frowned.

"I know. I knew we should've left eariler." Heather said that they were meeting up with us around now, to give us our tickets.

"How long until we get our tickets?" Savanna was driving me nuts.

"Right now!" Two girls, I think Heather and Sammy walked up to us. "Hi i'm Heather this is Sammy." She hugged us.

"Hi Heather Sammy." Heather had a backstage pass around her neck. "I'm Catanlin and this is Savanna my friend." She smiled at us.

"Hi Savanna. Here you girls go." She handed me the tickets. They weren't just front row tickets. Heather handed us backstage tickets too.

"OMG are these really backstage passes?" She smiled at me.

"I wouldn't get your hopes up. Yes they are real backstage passes." Heather seamed nice. I wonder how she got us front row tickets and backstage passes. I'll have to ask later. Her and Sammy started walking toward the front doors. "Come on girls. We have to get in there for sound check. Then I'll take you backstage to meet the boy's." She smiled at us.

"Really sound check and get to meet the boy's before the concert?" She laughed.

"Yeah come on." She waved to us. We walked up to the door.

"Can I see your tickets and passes?" A big guy asked.

"Nah Chuck we don't want to show you." Heather stuck her tounge out at him. I wouldn't mess with him like that. He's scary. They started laughing.

"I don't have to see your's or Sammy's but I do have to check their's." Chuck smiled.

"Really Chuck you saw Niall hand me their tickets and you want to check them? These are the girls that won the tickets from me." She pointed to us.

"Fine they're good. Getting going girls, sound check is starting soon. I know how much you love messing with the boy's Heather." He laughed.

"Oh yeah you have to put Catanlin's and Savanna's names on the list. Forgot to give them to you this morning." Heather smiled at Chuck. He wrote our names down.

"Okay get going girls." We walked in. Heather turned to us.

"Chuck's really nice. No matter how big and bad he acts, he's a real sweetheart." He seamed really cool. Someone I could hang out with. We walked up to the stage and the boy's were walking out.

"Hello boy's." Heather waved to them. They waved to her but didn't say anything. There was a handfull of girls in here for sound check. It was cool that Heather was doing all of this for us.

"Hello girls!" Harry yelled into his mic. He winked. The girls around us started screaming.

"We're going to sing you a few songs for sound check. To make sure everything sounds great." Liam smiled at us. They started singing I want. I love that song. The boy's sounded great. I looked over at Savanna. She had a big smile on her face. I was happy that I won the tickets for us. I wouldn't want to be here with anyother friend.

"Having fun girls?" Heather leaned over and asked us.

"Yes!" Savanna yelled.

"Yeah we are." I smiled at her. I wanted to ask her how she was able to do all of this. But I didn't. I'll wait until the boy's are done singing. They finished singing their third song.

"How did we sound?" Niall asked us. I smiled. I loved Niall. His voice, smile, eye's, and his laugh. All the girls started yelling. "I'll take that as a great." He laughed.

"Well we have to go get ready for tonight." Liam said to the boy's. They said goodbye and started walking backstage. The girls started leaving.

"Boy's! Are you grogeting something?" Heather yelled at them. Harry and Louis started laughing.

"No we didn't. We were coming around stage to get you girls." Harry laughed into his mic.

"Yeah yeah. Your just saying that cause I reminded you." Heather stuck her tounge out at Harry. They all laughed like they were best friends. "Catanlin Savanna, this is Harry and Louis." The boy's smiled at us.

"These your fans that won the tickets?" Louis hugged us.

"Yes they are, but they're your fans too." Heather laughed at him.

"Nice to meet you Calanlin and Savanna." Harry kissed our hands. Heather leaned around Harry.

"Don't let Harry try and full you, he's a flirt." Harry blushed. "You want to go meet Liam, Niall, and Zayn?" I smiled at her.

"Yes!" I covered my mouth. "Sorry I told myself not to yell." I smiled at them.

"It's okay. We're used to it. Our fans have them best lungs ever." Louis laughed. He started walking backstage. We followed him.

"So Heather I ment to ask you. How do you know the boy's?" I didn't mean to snoop but I just wanted to know. She smiled at me.

"Well my cousin married Niall's cousin. Niall was at the wedding and we met. Became the best of friends fast. Then I met the other's and became best friends with them." Heather smiled at me.

"OMG. That sounds like a dream come true." I smiled at her.

"So your pretty much family with Niall." Savanna smiled. "I'd love to be related to him."

"Well not really but yeah. It's fun having family like the boy's." We got to a door and Louis just walked right in. Didn't even knock to see if they were dressed or not. We walked in Liam was pulling on his shirt and buttoning it. Zayn was looking at himself. Niall was eating.

"Boy's say hello to Catanlin and Savanna." Liam walked over to us.

"Hello girl's." He hugged us. "Nice to meet you." Niall stopped eating and came over to us.

"Hello Catanlin and Savanna." His kissed my hand. I blushed and so did he.

"These the two girls who own our tickets?" Liam smiled at us.

"Yes they are." Sammy walked over to the couch and layed down. Zayn was still looing at himself.

"Zayn if you don't come over here and say hello i'll mess your hair up." Heather gave him an evil look.

"You wouldn't. Remember what happened last time you did." He gave her an evil look back.

"Oh you want another prank war? Cause I have a hell of a lot more things I can do to you." She stuck her tounge out at him.

"Last time you almost cut my hair. I'm not messing with that again." He walked over to us. "Hello Savanna and catanlin. Nice to meet you." He hugged us.

"Nice to meet you guy's too." I looked around. This was all new.Harry and Heather were sitting on the floor infront of Sammy. Niall smiled at me.

"So Heather has told me i'm your favorite." I blushed. How did she know?

"Maybe. How'd she know?" He laughed.

"Twitter. She said you mentioned me a lot." He smiled at me. "I think it's cute." We all sat down and talked. The boy's were just how I thought they were. I couldn't believe I was here with Niall and the boy's.

"How about after the concert we go to dinner?" Heather seamed like she was the Mommy directioner. Liam was Daddy directioner.

"We would but my mom's gonna be here waiting for us after the concert." I frowned. I wanted to hangout after.

"What if you give me your mom's number and i'll call her. I'll make sure you have a way home tonight or tomorrow morning?" I pulled my phone out. I pressed home and handed Heather my phone.

"I don't know if she'll do that but why not try." I smiled.

"Hello. No nothing happened to Catanlin or Savanna. This is Heather, the girl who gave them the tickets. Yes. No problem." Heather smiled at me. "I was wondering if Catanlin and Savanna could stay after and go to dinner and hangout with us? I would make sure to have a ride home for them tonight or tomorrow morning." Heather looked sad. "Okay bye." She handed me my phone.

"My mom said no didn't she?" Heathe smiled at me.

"Actually she said yes. As long as I got you home by tomorrow afternoon." She laughed at my face. I can't believe this. My mom is never like this.

"Yes. Yes. Yes." I was doing my happy dance with Savanna. Heather started dancing with us. She pulled Harry to his feet and made him dance too. I'm not going to say anything but I don't think Heather and Harry are single. I smiled. They would make a cute couple. Some guy popped his head in the door.

"Boy's five minutes." We stopped dancing.

"Come on girls lets go to our seats, so the boy's can do what they do." Heather laughed. "Good luck." She stuck her tounge out at them. We walked out of the boy's room.

"Thank you so much Heather. Tonight is the best night of my life. And I wouldn't have it if it wasn't for you and the boy's." I hugged her.

"No problem. I love meet my fans and the boy's fans. It's fun getting to know you." Heather smiled at me.

"It is. I could see us being friends and hanging out all the time."

"Me too. We'll have to hangout sometime." I smiled at her.

"Yes we do. I have a question for you." I said I wouldn't ask but I have to.

"Yeah?" She looked confused.

"You and Harry. Are you like a couple?" Her eye's bout popped out her head.

" Harry's single." She looked sad. I could tell she was lying.

"It's fine. I wont say anything." I winked at her.

"Fine but don't say anything. No one but the boy's, Sammy, you and our friends and family know. We don't want it getting out." She smiled at me. I think it's cute.

"Awe, I think you make a cute couple. I wont say anything. I'm happy you make Harry happy. That's all that matters." I hugged her.

"Thanks. So you and Niall." Heather winked at me. I blushed. "Niall's never been so out forword with a girl before. I think he likes you. Do you like him?" I smiled.

"I think he's cute. I love his smile, his laugh, eye's, and his hair. But I dought someone like him would like me." Heather frowned at me.

"Hello! I was just like you. And look at me and Harry." She hugged me. "I'll hook you and Niall up if you promise not to hurt him." She looked me in the eye's.

"Never! If anyone does the hurting it would be Niall." I saw something in Heather's eye's.

"Good. By tonight. Before we go to sleep. You and Niall will be a thing." She smiled at me. We got to our seats. Almost every seat was filled.

"My god. We're like on the stage." I couldn't believe it.

"Yeah the boy's wanted to make sure you saw everything." Heathe smiled. The boy's came out on stage. They opened with One Thing.

"How you girl's doing tonight!" Liam yelled. I couldn't hear anything, all the fans started screaming.

"Hey Liam we can't just say girls." Louis pointed. "We have to dudes here." The boy's started goofing off. I was having the time of my life. The boy's sang What Makes You Beautiful next. The concert was so fun. I had my camera out during I Want, Liam took it from me and recorded from the stage.

"Everyone Say hello to Catanlin." Liam held my camera out so they could. Liam held my my camera back. "That's the last song of the night."

"Thanks everyone for coming out tonight." Zayn yelled. The boy's all hugged each other and ran backstage.

"Come on girls." I felt a tug on my pass. I ignored it. We kept walking. We got to Chuck.

"Go on girls. Get back there before things get wild." We walked past him. We got to the hallway to the boy's room.

"Catanlin? Where's your pass?" Savanna pointed to where my pass should be. I looked down. Someone took my pass off of my neck. I knew I felt a tug on my pass. I felt tears in my eye's.

"It's okay Catanlin i'll get another from the boy's." Heather walked over to Chuck. "Hey Chuck someone took Catanlin's pass off of her neck. No one but us are to have a backstage pass. So don't let anyone back here." Just as Heather was telling Chuck that some girl walked over.

"Can I help you?" Chuck asked the girl.

"Yeah I have a backstage pass." She handed Chuck that pass and Chuck handed it to Heather.

"Thank's for returning the pass you stole." Heather didn't show the girl any emotion.

"But that's not fair. How the hell do you know that's not mine?" The girl gave Heather a dirty look.

"Well I know for a fact that no one but me and the girls have a backstage pass. Catanlin's was tugged from her neck. This is hers." Heather gave her a look. I heard someone walking up behind me. I turned to see Harry.

"What's going on?" He looked confused.

"Some girl took my pass and tried getting back here with it." He gave me a i'm sorry look.

"I'll be right back." He walked over to Heather. "Is everything okay?" He looked at the girl. Her eye's bout popped out her head. She couldn't say anything. Some other guy's walked up to Chuck.

"Yes that's the girl Stan." Chuck let go of her arm.

"Miss come with me please." Stan lead the way out of the building.

"Now that that's over lets go eat." We walked to the boy's room. They were all ready to go.

"Lets eat. I'm starving." Niall opened the back door and two black van's were waiting. We all got into the one and Chuck and the other guy's got into the other.

"Were going to go back to our hotel and just order food. Do you mind girls." Liam looked at us. Me in one direction's hotel room. Why the hell would I mind.

"Hell no we don't mind." We all laughed. We got to the hotel and we went back to Liam and Louis' room.

"Niall you know what's good. Order enough food for everyone. We'll set up room for everyone to eat." Liam and Louis started picking up bags and moving them into the bath room. Heather sat on one of the beds and Harry layed beside Heather. I smiled at them.

"How about we play truth or dare? You know while we wait for out food to get here." Heather winked at me.

"I love playing truth or dare with Heather. She gets mean." Louis laughed.

"All the time." Harry winked at Heather.

"Okay guy's foods ordered." Niall sat on the end of the bed Heather and Harry were on. "Did I hear truth or dare? I love playing with Heather." Niall laughed.

"Yes you did. Zayn truth or dare?" Heather looked at Zayn he was looking at himself again.

"Hm um dare? Wait who asked?" Zayn looked confused.

"I did!" Heather gave him an evil look.

"Damn it. I need to payattention more." We all laughed.

"I dare you not to look at yourself for a whole day. If you do I get to do your next twitcam with you and i'm making fun of you." Heather stuck her tounge out at him.

"Fine I can do that." Zayn looked around the room. "Hm Liam truth or dare?" Liam looked like he was really thinking about it.

"Dare." He smiled

"I dare you too go to the room next door knock and sing to them." Liam got up and walked into the hallway.

"Which next door. There's two doors. Left or right?" Liam stood in the door way.

"Either doesn't matter." Zayn knew that there were young girls in both rooms. Liam knocked on the door to the left. Some girl screamed and Liam's eye's popped out his head. He started singing the begining of what makes you beautiful. He finished and ran back into the room.

"That girl looked like she was bout to kidnap me." Liam laughed. Heather gave Liam a look. "Heather truth or dare?" Heather smiled.

"Truth." Liam laughed.

"Okay, is it true that you love your boyfriend?" Liam looked at Harry. Heather looked scared.

"Um I've never told him I loved him but Yes I do love him." Harry smiled.

"I'm sure he loves you too." Harry smiled at Heather.

"Okay Niall my man. Truth or Dare?" I knew what Heather was going to do.

"Do you have to ask. I always pick dare." He laughed.

"Okay then, I dare you to kiss Catanlin." Niall blushed.

"I don't want to kiss her if she doesn't want to kiss me." I smiled.

"I don't mind." He smiled. I was sitting on the other bed. Niall got up and sat beside me.

"Ready?" He smirked at me.

"Alway's." I smirked back. He leaned in to kiss me. It wasn't a short sweet kiss. It was a long passionate kiss. I smiled into the kiss. There was a knock on the door. We continued to kiss.

"Food's here." We didn't stop kissing.

"Niall food!" He smiled. We stopped kissing.

"I'm not starving anymore." We all laughed.

"That's a first." I smiled at Niall.

"Hey um Harry I need to change into something else. Savanna want some clothes to wear?" They all caught onto what I was trying to do.

"Um yeah I need something to wear to bed." We got up and started walking to the door.

"Zayn i'm getting tired." Sammy grabbed his hnad and tugged on him.

"Night guy's were going to bed." Zayn smiled.

"Hey Louis didn't El and Dannie want us to get them something from the hotel shop?" Louis jumped up.

"Yes yes they did." Everyone left be me and Niall.

"I think everyone left to get us together." I laughed.

"I think they did too." Niall kissed me again. "I have a question for you Catanlin." Niall smiled.

"Y.yeah?" I smiled at him.

"Will you go out with me? Be my bird?" Niall smiled. I froze. I wanted to say yes but couldn't move.

"Y.y.yes!" I kissed him. Everyone came running back in.

"Told you!" Heather yelled. We all laughed.

Three Years Later

The best night of my life happened almost three years ago. I rolled over and snuggled into Niall and smiled at him.

"What are you thinking about babe?" He smiled at me.

"I was thinking about the night we got together. I'm glade I won the ticket's Heather was giving away." I kissed him.

"Me too. If you hadn't we wouldn't be getting married." He smiled. I was confused.

"But we're." I looked up at Niall and he was holding a ring.

"Catanlin will you do me the honor of becoming my wife?" I smiled at him. I started to cry. I kissed him. "I'll take that as a yes?" He smiled.

"That's a hell YES!" Niall kissed me and I smiled in the middle of the kiss.

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