Valentines Date

This story is about Diana and Valeria going through London on Valentines day until they meet Harry and zayn........


4. Movie Night or........

Harrys pov

Diana had texted me to leave if we wanted to change into something comfortable i did want to change so i said yes,she also told me to pick up a movie cause they didnt have many. when we got home i saw louis, liam,and niall all bored.I said, what happen to all 3 of you?? Louis answered i left geral home. Liam said Me and niall have been bored all day. I said okay mates hold on i have an idea. I called Diana as quickly as i could she answered.

Hey love. Hey Harry. Do you mind if i bring the rest of the boys and geraldine cause the have been bored all day??? Sure why not tell them to bring anything they want. Okay love see you in a few. Bye harry!

Okay Louis call geraldine tell her to wear comfortable clothes, and mates we are going to watch a movie she said you could bring anything you wanted.

                                                                               Niall Pov: 

I have been bored today 1 cause i dont have my princess with me and 2 there is no good food here!! I asked harry if i could bring my teddy bear. He repeated what  I THINK HIS GIRLFRIEND SAID! I already wanted to meet her maybe she could be my speacial friend.


I called geraldine she said she would be ready and that she would walk over there cause she lived close to her so i told her i would miss her!


When everybody was ready we left to dianas house. I had decide to wear my batman shirt, black basketball shorts, and my jordans. This is what comfortable means to me. I couldnt wait to cuddle with valeria to watch the movie!


I was ready to go i got my HIPSTA PLEASE shirt and my sweats, beanie, and white converse and i was ready. We had so manny movies i decided to get toy story cause Liam was there. When we got to dianas house everything was setup when Valeria Geraldine and Diana came out to open the door we were like in a Sleep over party it was amzayn.


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