Valentines Date

This story is about Diana and Valeria going through London on Valentines day until they meet Harry and zayn........


5. Movie Night or Friend Reunion?

Diana's Pov:

When they all got here they sat down and decide what to watch but then Louis screamed.......


I didnt want to watch toy story 3 for liam i wanted to do something even more fun, like play Truth or Dare so i yelled out," I wanna Play Truth or Dare, i dont want to watch toy story!" Everybody stared at me and they all said yeah why not expect for Liam cause he was forward to the movie. I said okay lads lets begin with (fake drum roll) Liam. Liam chose Geraldine and asked her truth or dare she chose dare!!! >:D

Liam said okay umm i dare you to say "I love Louis cause he is the Carrot King!!!!"

She did as what she was told and I blushed.


N/A: Hello Lads i will finish this tomorrow I have to go to sleep okay also looking for a CO-AUTHER and a EDITOR. None has been commenting so plz comment its my first Movella i need comments and people that will support me! thank yous! xx


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