Valentines Date

This story is about Diana and Valeria going through London on Valentines day until they meet Harry and zayn........


2. Familiar Faces!?

                                                                                Harry and Zayns Pov:

When we knocked on the door Diana had answered it. We had said  our hellos then we looked at them. Their outfits matched what we were wearing. I said,'' Zayn can i talk to you?" Zayn came and i told him they both looked cute matching our outfits. LOL.

                                                              Diana's Pov:

When i answered the door Harry and Zayn said hi to us and came in. Me and valeria looked at them we had kinda matching outfits. LOL. Harry was wearing this which made it matching:  He looked cute.

                                                   Valerias Pov;

I kept looking at zayn cause we had matching outfits but with diffrient colors. LOL.

This was what he was wearing: How cute he looked!

                         Harry Pov:

We got in the car and headed to the bowling alley thats were we were going to take them we hoped it would be fun!!! So we were here at the bowling alley we each opened the door for them. Zayn: Valeria's door. Me:Diana's door. When we went inside we asked for our bowling shoes and we put them on. Before we started bowling i noticed someone familiar!!!!! It was LOUIS!!!!!!!! i screamed his name he turned around and came to say hi but then we noticed there was a girl with him?!

                                                              Diana and valeria's Pov:

When harry found louis in the bowling alley we all noticed a girl with him. Me and Valeria noticed the face and it looked like a friend of ours. I quickly told Diana that  it looked like Geraldine cause the same features, skin color, hair, and way of dressing.


I had came with Louis on a date but then he found Harry and Zayn. So i met Harry and Zayn but they came with some girls they looked so fimiliar i wonder if  they are Diana and Valeria. Same features,clothes, styles,hair. I bet its them. I gonna talk to them.

Hey i am guessing you two are Valeria and Diana?They both said yes we laughed when we saw all of us!!! we are 3 best friends we were so happy!!!!!!!




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