Valentines Date

This story is about Diana and Valeria going through London on Valentines day until they meet Harry and zayn........


3. Date

When we sat down to finish the date everything went perfect. Valeria and zayn looked like they loved each other me and harry the same also geraldine and Louis!!!!! we all looke  cute when it was over we decide to go home.Geraldine and louis left first then we did. they day was awesome we enjoyed.

  When Harry and Zayn brought us home, we asked them if they could stay and watch a movie with us. They thought about it and finally said yes. Valeria and i quickly went to our rooms to change into something comfortable.

                                                       Harry's pov:

When we brought valeria and diana back home, they asked us if we could stay and watch a movie! Me and zayn didnt now what to say so we both agreed on saying sure why not. After, we said that both ran quickly to their rooms to change on something comfortable.

                                                 Zayn's pov:

Valerias eyes were brown as mine so i literally kept starring at them and lost thought.I heard them ask if we could stay ,but i couldn't I had to meet 3 friends today.Harry answered for me so i would have to reschedule later. I texted Melony,Brennea, and Lizbeth.




        Hey girls i won't be able to meet you guys today i am very busy. Sorry maybe we can reschedule it tomorrow. Bye. xo 

                                                 Valerias and Dianas Pov:

we both changed into something comfortable for the movie.

I choose to wear this 

I thought maybe diana would support they guys cause we love them so i chose to do the same thing i decide to wear this: this is what i mostly wear when i used to watch movies with friends but now its with harry and zayn so it would be fun. Diana: I texted harry if they wanted to change they could leave. He answered that they were going and if we needed anything else?I said if he could go choose out a movie cause we dont have many.


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