Valentines Date

This story is about Diana and Valeria going through London on Valentines day until they meet Harry and zayn........


1. The Outfit

                                                    Dianas Pov:

When me and Valeria got home from shopping and meeting Harry and zayn. We decide to ask them at what time did we have to be ready. They both answered back say at 7pm. it was 6pm so me and Valeria started  changing. We had bought some really cute jeans,shoes,and t-shirts also followed by some jewelry.

                                              Valerias Pov:

I had started changing into this  Diana said it would kinda match zayn like he was going to take me to the date. I also decide to do my hair in loose curls and I finished by a touch of makeup. I was done and wonder how Diana was doing with her choice.

                                                        Dianas Pov:

I had also started changing into this cute outfit Valeria said would match me and Harry:  I had my hair down cause i didn't want to do anything to it and also cause I had it straight, I put on my makeup and was done. I went down stairs to see if Valeria was ready. She was,I told her she looked wonderful, and valeria said the same thing to me. We were ready I quickly got my phone and texted Harry our adress! He texted back saying this:

 From: Hazza

Thank you, be right there to pick you two up! We will be there in any second.

I sent:

To: Hazza

Great, we will be waiting Harry!

 Me and Valeria waited until there was a knock on the door. When we opened it we saw Harry and Zayn. 

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