zoey finds a perfect guy but she thinks he doesnt have any feelings for her but does he............. she has feelings for zayn but is nervous he might not like her back thow the other boys respect her didicion but is harry falling for her TOO!!
READ MORE AND FIND OUT!! i will read all comments and try my best to reply..!!


26. so you will...?

i'm so sorry guys it has been really busy i promise i will be on track now!!                                                                                                    

ok harreh do ma hair!! i said loud and cheeky :D .... zayn looked at me and i froze ..im so sorry babe i just cant get the mind that harry broke my mirror:(...i said getting abit sad..he looked at me and grabbed the scrungy from my wrist,he took it in his hands and placed it in his wrist..then he turned me around me now faceing the wall..i giggled what a beautiful view..i said sarcasticly he giggled and so did i..DONT MOVE or else...or else what i said while i turned around with my foot pushing me around....he smiled as i could see what he was thinking by just looking at him..he coughed sarcasticly and said. your HAIR WILL GET MESSY AND IM TRYING TO FIX IT..!!"

OK OK i will turn around..as i turned around he slapped my but and i took my hands and put them over my but.


AND DONE... he said all happy he finished before i can even turn around and walk to the mirror zayn had taken a mirror out his pocket.. i looked at him and giggled wow zayn your pathetic.. i snatched the mirror and looked at my self and smiled.. GOD HAIR BABE.. i said you deserve a prize...i said as cheeky as possible..

ohh yeah  and whats that?... he said knowing where this was going..

why dont you show me the new house.. i said getting closer to him now grabing his colar and pushing my self to a kiss.. i felt him giggle and smile when our lips touched he bit my lower lip and i let go turned around and walked away.. he looked confused.. as i walked away i said.. so you will??

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