zoey finds a perfect guy but she thinks he doesnt have any feelings for her but does he............. she has feelings for zayn but is nervous he might not like her back thow the other boys respect her didicion but is harry falling for her TOO!!
READ MORE AND FIND OUT!! i will read all comments and try my best to reply..!!


3. meeting the boys

zayn's pov

as i looked at zoey i saw her face witch was uncomfterble with harry's look .. i looked at harry and raised my eye brow he saw and quickly looked away and zoey blushed from what i saw..

niall, liam, came bursting into the living room witch when they saw zoey they also frozed.. i introduced niall,and liam,to zoey they waved and i saw niall also stareing zoey like harry did i looked at zoey and she didnt look uncomfterble with his look .. i thought to my self and said why isnt she feeling the same way she felt with harry?? i gave niall a warning look and he quickly ignored and kept stareing..

louis coughed sarcasticly and niall niall sadly looked at louis with an annoyed face.. zoey laughed whitch caused them to look again at her as she turned around to reach for the door nob i grabbed her wrist and told her i will be right back so to wait for him here..

zoey's pov

as he grabbed m hand i froze and he told me to wait for him i nodded as an answer as he quickly ran upstairs liam asked me questions about myself...one question was that liam asked me was if i had a boyfriend i shook my head and said no i saw niall jump up and clapped his saying i like that answer i quickly blushed an louis noticed i blushed and mokked me saying"aww the girl is blushing i quicky turned around and zayn came to me a grabbed and pulled out the house to the car and told me  srry for what happend i didnt mean for them to bother u..

i thanked him as i got out the car from the ride and zayn nodded kissing my cheek i blushed and he giggled and smiled as he said a soft goodbye and i replied the same..


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