zoey finds a perfect guy but she thinks he doesnt have any feelings for her but does he............. she has feelings for zayn but is nervous he might not like her back thow the other boys respect her didicion but is harry falling for her TOO!!
READ MORE AND FIND OUT!! i will read all comments and try my best to reply..!!


25. im sorry for your mirror!!! :D

IM SO SORRY FOR YOUR MIRROR ALSO NO ONE WANTS YOU TO LEAVE BUT ZAYN WANTS TO MOVE INTO A HOUSE WITH YOU!!!harry yelled from the stairs..i looked at zayn he was smileing completily and hugely!!

harry!!! zayn sqeeled!!

sorry bro but she was going to brake if no one would of told her!! harry yelled

i looked at zayn and smiled i reached for his hands in intwined them with my fingers.. i got closer to him as he grabbed my waiste pulling me closer....

i kissed his nose but before i could even push away he hugged me into a malik hug!!

i  squeeled kind of annoyed since he messed up my hair!!!

BABE!!! MY HAIR!!!!......he quickly let me go kind of frightened by my actions...i tried to stay serious but i couldnt i just started cracking up..he sarted to giggle and so did i .. my hair fell from the bun it was in...and i squeeled ...BABE!! YOU MESSED UP MY BUN!!!! COME OVER HERE AND FIX IT NOW!!! I said with my bottom lip popped out like i was a puppy pouting....he giggled while walking tourds me ...

its going to look H-O-T HOT BABE!! i clapped my hand and exitement..i grabbed his face i filled my cheeks with air  kissed his lips.. muah!!!

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