zoey finds a perfect guy but she thinks he doesnt have any feelings for her but does he............. she has feelings for zayn but is nervous he might not like her back thow the other boys respect her didicion but is harry falling for her TOO!!
READ MORE AND FIND OUT!! i will read all comments and try my best to reply..!!


9. happy to say the truth.

Zoey's place

As I told zayn of what I saw and felt it was a big relieve

As zayn drove me to my house I fell as sleep in the car 

Zayn's POV 

As I drove her to her house I saw how she tried to balance her head but couldn't until she fell asleep

I we got to her house and I didn't want to wake her up though... She looked beautiful in her sleep but to wake her up was kind of hard!! First I nudged her shoulder and she ignored then I tickled her but she just smiled and saying stop half asleep then I kissed her and she kissed back as I retreaved back holder her hands over my neck and kissed me harder then let go and giggled and said is that enough to convince you to stay...I thought and said I don't need to be convinced u convinced me along time ago.. She giggled a got out the car and ran before I'd catch her then I caught up her and grabbed her by the waist it was raining so I appreciated and kissed her under the rain for a good couple seconds..


Sorry for short chapter...I'll make more soon


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