zoey finds a perfect guy but she thinks he doesnt have any feelings for her but does he............. she has feelings for zayn but is nervous he might not like her back thow the other boys respect her didicion but is harry falling for her TOO!!
READ MORE AND FIND OUT!! i will read all comments and try my best to reply..!!


17. don't worry i understand...

WHERE ARE you going?!?! I asked zayn with watery eyes.. He replied...I have a tour to go too but  your coming with me he said happy and smiling..he used his thumb to wipe my tears ..I looked at him and giggled don't smile like that your creeping me out!! He giggled and tap kissed me on my lips you better hurry and start packing its 10:30 and we leave at 12:00 and I know how much you take to get ready also you have more stuff than anything he told me.. I giggled at zayn he slapped my but and left..I got a towel and placed it next to the sink in the bathroom I fixed the bed and I took my close out which I Was going to wear .. It was a puffy and neon tank top a bright pink neon some short shorts and neon pink boot converse ..I went to the bathroom and locked the door I took off my clothes and put some music on my phone..the song by nicki minaj came on and I started to sing..

15minutes later I was out of the shower I rapped my self in my towel and left the bathroom tourds my bed room I closed my bedroom door behind me but not with lock( which I regret)

I let go of my towel and put on a bra and panty which matched neon pink too!!

I bent over to get my socks which were in a new pack under my bed..

I heard the door open and  I quickly got up from the floor and hugged my self as zayn came closer he hugged me and kissed my neck  then shoulder u I pushed him away with one hand but he wouldn't budge so I took both my hands and pushed him away.. Zayn I squeeled 

..he giggled and in a low. Sweet voice he said what love..I smiled a little bit by his touch on my hips .. I am going to  take much more longer if you keep stopping me..he smiled and gave me a deepened kiss on my lips .. He let me go and kissed my forehead before he left he said said.. Don't worry babe I understand.. As he closed the door behind me I smiled and kept getting dressed.. I finished I curled my hair and put a bow on the side of heads it was neon pink also..I put my hair tourds my back and left my chest exposed which zayn loved!!

Uh finished packing and went downstairs were all the boys were but harry what a relief ..

As I went down the stairs all. The boys looked at me and Louis said looking good zo( nickname for zoey) I giggled and blushed zayn quickly got up and put a pillow on my chest go change that love.. Don't worry zayn I put on what I want to put on and I walked .. He bit his lower lip and turned around to face the boys still with the pillow on his hand still .. The boys giggled and niall was blushing.. I came back and asked niall if he can help me with my bags and he nodded I looked at zayn and ignored him walking upstairs fallowing niall.. Niall brought down four bags and I brought down two of the bags that weren't even heavy.. As I walked downstairs again I saw harry in the kitchen with zayn I wondered if they were talking about this morning I tried to hear them but I couldn't concentrate on how liam kept looking at my chest..I looked at him and his eyes reached mine and he winked at me and I just blushed and he giggled ..

Zayn's POV

When zoey came down from upstairs she looked great but I got jealous when all the boys were looking at her cheest I got up as fast as I can and put a pillow on her chest she looked at the pillow then me .. I told her to change but she said she can wear anything she wanted to then she walked away but sh turned around and asked niall if he could help her I got really jelouse when h said yes and went up to zoey's room she looked at me and smiled following niall up the stairs .. Then I heard a nick on the door it was harry he got my hand and started to talk about how he had feelings for zoey

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