zoey finds a perfect guy but she thinks he doesnt have any feelings for her but does he............. she has feelings for zayn but is nervous he might not like her back thow the other boys respect her didicion but is harry falling for her TOO!!
READ MORE AND FIND OUT!! i will read all comments and try my best to reply..!!


2. after school surprize......

after school

as i was walking to school by the sidewalk ..

i saw that boy zayn that was in school with me.. as i looked and paid attencion to what they were doing i slowly peeked and saw zayn kissing another girl in his car i was still in the other side of the sidewalk..

 as soon as the girl got out of the car.. zayn looked to the window witch was pointing to where i was i quickly turned my head and walked faster..

i heard  him yelling my name as he started to brake next to me.. i turned tourds him and asked him what he wanted( at one point i thought he was going to say ME!!)but he just smiled and asked me if i wanted a ride ..

 as i started to get the flash back of the kiss he gave to that other girl..but i thought to my self that my house is far away and my feet were  killing me already and i dicided to say yes he smiled at me as i got to the other side he opended the door for me from the inside .. i sat down and i felt super akward as he looked at me smileing till we drove off and he put music on.. then he told me that he needed to go to his house to pick something up and i nodded in agreement since its not my car ..we got the house and he oppended the door for me as i stepped in while closeing the door behind him as i looked around and saw a boy with a striped shirt and nice red jeans witch i loved running around in circles screaming "you will never catch me" and another curly headed boy chaseing him around they froze when they saw me.. i looked at zayn with a confused face he was flushed in a dark red color.. zayn sais louis harry this is my friend .. i waved at them and and harry stared me down and i felt uncomfterbul as i looked at zayn he noticed my uncomfterbulness of harry stareing at me..

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