Book Full Of Imagines :)

This is a book full of imagines right now it has nothingin it so if you want one comment below which boy and where you guys wanna be ill try to do as much as i can ~Harry's Cupcake


8. Niall Imagine

i had this in a dream i had last night and it was so romantic so i decided to make it into a imagine Leggo --->

You and niall have been best friend since you guys were in Kindergarden now you guys are all in high school waiting for the last bell to ring for summer vacation. "c'mon c'mon i wanna get out of this dump and go tanning >.<" you though to yourself just then a note landed at your desk. it was from nialler "Hey buddie me and the lads are going to the beach and i was wondering if you would like to go??" you looked at niall and shook your head. finally the last bell ring you rang quickly to niall car and zoomed to the beach. it was a beutiful scean the white sand clear blue ocean waves and dance music playing in the backround. last one in is a rotten egg! liam screamed as he jumped into the water truth is you never learned how to swim you were terrified since you almost drowned in the pool. then you saw you ex boyfriend "hey what are you doing here on my property?!" he said "uh well exuse meh i never knew the public beach was yours you screamed" well i guess i just have to throw you out then" he said he picked you up and went to the diving board you stuggling the whole time he threw you in the deep water you struggled trying to swim you knew it was all over you sank into the ocean floor it was the end of life for you you took your last breath of air and closed your hear a splash you open you eyes weakly seeing a blond shirtless niall comming to you rescuse he grabbed your wrist and pulled you to shore you coughing up water struggling to breath "i though you were gonna die" niall said with tears forming in his eyes he hugged you tightly whishpering in your ear " i will always protect you no matter what" THe end :D i had it in a dream best dream ever !

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