Book Full Of Imagines :)

This is a book full of imagines right now it has nothingin it so if you want one comment below which boy and where you guys wanna be ill try to do as much as i can ~Harry's Cupcake


5. Imagine for Alexis

You And your boyfriend niall always loved to do stuff together but tonight niall was going to take you somewhere special you got ready for your date with niall but you had no idea where you guys were going so you just put on a simple plaid shirt and some skinny jeans you straighten your hair then you hear a knock at your door "Ready Babe" he asks you "Ready!!" you say as you leave the front door. It felt like hours driveing in the car then you guys got then you see a big rink and people skating "ICE SKATING ?!" You scream "You know im horrible at skating" "Dont worry babe ill be right next to you if you fall" you guys enjoyed yourself skating and falling and falling some more but the bruises were worth it    "i love you alexis" "i love you to my little lepercon" The End Hope you like it Alexis =3


Sorry it was so short i have tons of homework ill try to make you a longer one next time!" =3 

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