Pain or Love

This story is about a girl named Jamie. Her mom has started to do drugs and drink a lot more. She says if she didn't do these things the the family would be ruined.


2. Run Away

 Well it was time for me to leave this house once and for all.  It was about 11:00 pm. As I had told you before I live in Texas. I was scared of what my mom would do if she ever found me. I had called a rehab and they were going to come and get her if she had gotten any worse. What they didn't know is that she couldn't get any worse she was already horrible. I was waiting until my mom was totally doped up. It didn't take her very long. I left out of my window. We had only had a one story house so I wasn't worried. Well while I was leaving I had said my last goodbye to my horrible life. I had walked to Scarlet's house. She was awake because I told her the whole plan she told me to keep in touch and that she would miss me normal stuff like that. When I turned to walk away she said something totally stupid.

"have fun with those one night stand!"

I loved her but she could be stupid at times. I was on my way to the airport. There were screaming girls I was panicked I didn't  know what the fuck was going on. I just went and got everything handled. I was on the plane when a sexy irish boy sat next to me. He noticed when I bit my lip i guess because he was laughing under his breath. In habit I hit him and laughed. 

He had to be the sexiest irish boy in the world. Blond hair with brown roots. I saw him some where before I just didn't know where I forgot about the bruises on my arm he noticed them and ask what happened. I just pretended I didn't here him.

As the flight began we were able to turn on our electronics. I played my favorite song on my iPod. I Hate Everything About You By: Three Days Grace. This is the song I would cut to after my mom had hurt me. I guess I didn't realize I had started to cry. But just my normal cry when I would just sit down. I had a window seat so I just stared out of it and silently cried. Thats what I had always done. If my mom heard me cry she would just hurt me more. I had learned how to cry silently. I could already tell this was going to be the longest flight of my life. 

I was very tired so I decided that I was going to go to sleep. I was woke up by that sexy irish guy. I still haven't got his name. I had no where to stay and no way to getHe had to be the sexiest irish boy in the world. He looke somewhere I was a little worried I would rent a cab and go to a hotel for the night. I was looking for my phone when it wasn't in my pocket. I turned around to see that irish guy sitting behind me with my phone.       

"forget something beautiful?" 

I just grabbed my phone and tried to walk off. He grabbed me be the waist. I don't know why but he looked so fucking familiar. When I asked his name he just clicked. It was Niall Horan from One Direction. I wasn't a big fan of them but Scarlet was a huge fan her favorite was Harry. I was always shorter than her. I am only 5'4. She is 5'7. Scarlet told me should would come and visit me whenever I wanted her to. She was the richest person in the whole school. The only reason she was friends with me was because I didn't always want he money. 

I went with Niall to is flat. All the boys were there. I wondered what Niall was doing in America without out the rest of the boys.

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