Pain or Love

This story is about a girl named Jamie. Her mom has started to do drugs and drink a lot more. She says if she didn't do these things the the family would be ruined.


1. My Mom

I have just turned 17. My mom still won't let me move out of my house. My mom threatens me. She told me once " If you ever leave this house I will find you and hurt you." I haven't told you yet my mom has a drug and alcohol addiction. I have been abused. My mom and dad had gotten a divorce. My dad had tried to get me. We went to court. My mom had gotten custody. That is why I am here now. 

My mom had always hurt me. I had gotten used to it. She was sometimes sober and drug free and was caring. When she was on the alcohol and drugs she abuses me. 

 I had finally decided I was going to run away. I had one friend. She new what my mom did to me. I would go to school with bruises, cuts, and burns. She new what happened and try to comfort me. It had always worked. She would always hug me and tell me that I would get out of there soon. I new I would never get out of there. Like I told you I am running away. I am going to go to Scarlets house.      

I would ask her for some money and then leave for good. I would go to London, England. I have always wanted to go there. Who wouldn't It is so beautiful there. I new my mom would never let me go there. I will run away tonight. When I had gotten home from school like I figured my mom was high. She say me walk in. She asked me where I was. She didn't care she just wanted an excuse to hit me. I stood there and took the beating that she gave me. I have had it worse this was nothing. 


I had gotten in from school. My mom came up to me and punched me in my side. My mom then left. She had came back with a knife I was terrified. My mom had just stab me in the leg. She had then told me to go to my room. I went to my room and tried to stop the bleeding.         *end of flashback*                                                My mom was evil. No one belived me other than Scarlet.

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