Pain or Love

This story is about a girl named Jamie. Her mom has started to do drugs and drink a lot more. She says if she didn't do these things the the family would be ruined.


5. Morning

When I woke up I was a little freaked out. Liam was smiling down at me. I was really freaked out because I jumped out of the bed and hit my head on his in table. He was just looking at me really weird. I went back to Niall's room. I got my clothes and put them in Liam's room I was going to start staying with Liam. I got some clothes to go take a shower. Just some blue jean shorts and a really cute tank. I walked out of the shower with just my towel on. I thought Liam wasn't in there big mistake he was. Might I say that I really liked the view he was just in his boxers. I was guessing that he had just got up. I was so focused on him that i forgot that I was just standing in my towel. I really didn't care if he saw me naked. I just started getting changed in front of him. It was funny because he was just starring at me. 

Before I could get any clothes on I was pushed up against the wall. Liam had his hands held around my waist. I was just enjoying it so much a didn't noticed him taking off his boxers which was the only thing he had on. Liam and I had started kissing. It wasn't a normal kiss it was a very passionate heated kiss. It had been a while actually I was a virgin. Liam started kissing down my jawline to my neck. He was searching for my sweet spot and quickly found it. Right as we were about to have sex Niall walked in. He had a shocked look on his face. 

He walked over to where we were and punched Liam right in he nose. I was shocked as to why he would do that. I didn't think he liked me. I had very strong feeling for both of them. I really didn't now which one I liked more. Niall was a drunk and Liam was the sweetest person I new. I really had very strong for both of them. They were both amazing. I was going to start to try to avoid them. I was going to stay with Louis since he is dating El. I'm sure he wouldn't mind. I was going to try to get my own place. Well I wonder how Scarlet and Harry were doing.

They had to be the best couple ever. Yes Harry had asked Scarlet out. I was going to get a job. 

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