Pain or Love

This story is about a girl named Jamie. Her mom has started to do drugs and drink a lot more. She says if she didn't do these things the the family would be ruined.


3. His Secret Girlfriend or so I Thought

It has been about 2 weeks since I have been in London. I had wanted some girl time because I ad just beenhanging around the boys. They are cool but it not the same. I called Scarlet she was with her boyfriend. He was cool but he is weird. Not my type. Well I called her. We talked for about two hours before I asked her to come to London. She said she would be here at about 2pm tomorrow. I wonder how she will act I still haven't told her about me staying with One Direction. She was in love with them. She was especially in love with Harry. He was cute and I loved his curls. He was also very sweet. I loved all of them but something stood out about Niall and Liam. They were both cute funny and sweet. Niall was Irish. It is about 2am I am going to go to sleep.

I woke up to Louis scream singing at the top of his lungs. I just turned around and tried to go back to sleep. Then all of the boys waled in and joined Louis. He was funny but he had a girlfriend so I wasn't even going to try. His girlfriend was way prettier than me. I was jealous. 

When the boys came and an sang I told them to get out. They wouldn't I told them it was because I sleep necked and I needed to get up and get dressed. I new I didn't really sleep necked. I sleep in shorts and a tank. When they left I went back to sleep. It was about noon when i finally decided to get up. I knew that Liam was the daddy he was way mature. 

It was time to change him being so uptight. I told the boys to come here. I told them the plan but first we got Liam out of there. We were going to get whip cream pie and throw it in his face. When Liam came back we were all ready. He walked in the kitchen and we through the pies. 

We were all laughing but Liam didn't to happy. It was about 1:30pm I decided I would go to get Scarlet. When I got to the airport it was about 2:10 she was there waiting for me. I had missed her so much she was the best friend anyone could ask for. When we were in middle school would look up One Direction. I always loved Niall and Liam. It was funny because at first it was only me and her that new what 10.2 meant. It was funny because after everyone learned what it meant I would scream 10.2 at lunch break. It was funny because everyone would just stand there and stare(true story I really do do that.) We were driving back and we turn the radio on full blast. We heard out favorite song Live While Were Young we started jamming out. When we got into the house I told her to close her eyes, I told the guys to come out. I could tell Harry was staring at her. She was very pretty so I couldn't blame him. Niall didn't come out so I went to see what was holding him. He was on the phone I could tell it was a girl because the phone was on speaker. I didn't know who  he was talking to I went in the room he was in and told him he needed to go to the living room. 

We went to the living room together. I had Liam hold his hands over Scarlets face. I told all of them to go hide. I really wanted to surprise her. I told her to open her eyes. She loved my house of the boys house. It was funny because she still had no idea that she was in the same room as One Direction. I told the buys to come out she was shocked. She looked at me with her "I'm so happy I could die face." It was funny because I could tell Harry liked her. I had forgotten all the rooms were taken. I was staying with Niall (nothing was happening.) Harry automatically offered for her to stay with him. 

I could tell they were going to get along very well. I told the boys that she was mine and they can't have her and then I licked her face. Scarlet and I are really stupid. 

Scarlet and I were very hungry so we decided to go and eat. We went out to eat. We left the boys there. When we go to Nando's she was mad at me. I knew why I didn't tell her I was staying with One Direction. She was in love with Harry. He was cute.  He could be vey annoying at times. I still loved him. (as a brother). 

Niall was home late I was getting used to it. I had to sleep in the same bed as him. It was a little awkward  because he just sleep in his boxers. 

I was a little curious about what Harry and Scarlet were going to do? They were really cute together. She was a little bit weird. But that was just us. 

Niall had been coming home really late. I not trying to sound like his mother. It is a little awkward I have started liking him more than I thought I ever could. He was really cute and funnier than you would think. He was a really nice person. Well he had stopped talking to me it always made me sad. I really had to find out what was going on. I was going to go to sleep for the night.

I had heard Niall come in the room, he was drunk as usual. He did what I thought he was never going to do. He started kissing my neck. I really didn't want to this this tonight I was to pissed off. I walked out and went to Liam's room. He and his girlfriend just broke up. He was there for me and I was there for him. 

Niall tried to get me to stay but I didn't want to. I just kicked him in the balls and left. I was really mad at him so I stayed the night in Liam's room. I like him I mean like hi like him. He was always my second favorite. Niall was my first but I am starting to like Liam more. He is a really amazing guy. I really liked him. He liked me to the boys had told me but I wasn't going to make him get into a relationship right after he lost his first love. 

I thought Niall had a girlfriend well I guess not.


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