My Forever Valentine

This is my one shot for the 1shot41D


1. one shot

Niall's P.O.V: "Scarlett? I'm glad I got to come here. I've missed you so much!" I set the red rose in my hand next to her. "Happy Valentines day princess!" A slight breeze whipped across my tear stained face blowing my hair back. I smiled through my tears. "I love you too." I scooped up some soup from my bowl and ate it. "Your mom still makes the best soup I've ever tasted." I chuckle as a gush of wind dried my tears."Thank you." I whispered. There was a moment silence. "I know what your thinking. And I just want to say your the one too and I will never ever let you go." Tears fell from my eyes and poured down my rosy cheeks making them soaked again. "Don't bother drying them, more will only come." I managed to slip out. There was slight winter breeze that gave me a chill. "I know you know it's been hard for me and I'm not going to deny! I was in love with you then when- you know - and *sniff* I'm still in love with you now and I always will!" There was a warm whip of air around me and I smiled. I traced my fingers over her name, Scarlett Grace Jones was engraved on the cold gray grave stone. "I still love you even though I know I'll never be able to see you again and wrap my arms around your tiny waist and kiss your soft lips and call you when I'm feeling low. but you'll always be the one for me and nothing is ever going to change that. 1993-2012 read the grave stone. "You were almost twenty, only a couple of weeks before." I paused thinking things over. "And I know I can't live with out you so I'm coming-I'm coming for you-you in heaven princess."
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