When Ashley Thought that No One Cared Anymore & couldnt trust anyone a certain Blonde Irish Cutie Stummbles into her life she tries to look past it but some how cant this leads to something she never thought would happen.....


1. Waking Up From A Heart Brake.

Ashley's P.O.V

I Woke up to a huge Tear Stain on my sheets it took a second for me to realize what had Happened finally it all came rudhing back into my head & I Started to Cry Again. Yesterday i Discoverd that my Boyfriend Andrei (who is now obviously my Ex) Was Cheating on Me with one of My Bestfriends Aleisha  i went over to his house first i knocked on the door Twice then i remembered Andrei telling me if no one answers after the second knock to just come in so i let myself in then on his couch sat him and Aleisha Making out on his couch i was devistated.. he turned to look at me I Had tears running down my cheeks i bursted right out of his house. Slamming The Door Shut hoping he wouldn't follow but i was wrong he was chasing after me yelling "IT WAS A MISTAKE ASHLEY I LOVE YOU NOT HER! LET ME EXPLAIN!" I never Looked back at him because if he Loved Me Why would he Be making out with one of my Bestfriends?? Exactly the point was he never did Love me it was All Lies... but to make things worse He was my first real Love i liked him for about 6 months then i finally got the guts to Ask him out He Said "Yes" We Were dating for about 5 months Now we would have been celebrating our 6 Month anniversary on February 18th but now that was not going to be happening. Right Now i don't think i can Trust another guy Right Now.. or have faith in another relationship or trust For a long while till i feel that i'm ready but i have know idea when that's going to be right Now. i've always been self-conscious of myself i never really liked the way i looked i think my eyes are to different & My Smile is A bit different also, my legs & stomach weren't perfect.. or Skinny as Sticks so i guess i know why Andrei Cheated on me because i wasn't Perfect but i'm pretty sure he thought Aleisha Was Anyway i hadn't told anyone about it yet not even Absolute BestFriend that i've Known since i was 2 i don't feel like telling anybody just yet i'm pretty sure i would just brake down crying.. i am going to wait till i feel i can be strong about telling someone. i was still kind of tired so i attemted to try and fall back asleep but it was Hard all thoughts pausative & negative keeping me awake after about a hour of thinking i finally fell asleep...

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