Hollywood Tragedy

Hollywood tragedy is about a a girl and her friends that move to Hollywood. Maranda gets a role in a hit movie. Will Liza forget her friends? Will her friends leave her? Yes, this movella is almost based off of a song, okay MOSTLY based off of it. Song: Hollywood Tradegy By Blood on the Dance Floor


1. the move

            It was the day that Maranda,Jason, Erica, and Mason were moving to Hollywood. Jason, Erica, and Mason were only going to support Maranda.The night before she had gotten a call from the casting agent that she had hired and he said that she had got a role on a movie. Maranda called her 3 best friends and asked them if they want to come with her, so she wouldn't be alone. Of course they said yes.


              When they finally arrived at an airport, there was a limo waiting for Maranda and her friends.After the ride and all the places Erica was begging to shop at they came to a stop at a beautiful building. Maranda had asked her aunt if they could stay in her hotel while they were there. They walked in the front lobby and out walks this woman with a hot pink dress and says,"Maranda,oh it is so good to see you again!"said the women as she was hugging Maranda,"The last time I saw you, you were only 10. Well, you and your friends rooms are on the top floor and i will show you guys around Holly in a little bit." Maranda had finally noticed who was hugging her, it was her Aunt Bella."Aunt Bella, it's okay you don't have to, and I think Erica still wants to go shopping." Maranda said. She glanced over her shoulder and saw Erica nodding in agreement.



Arthur's note: I know this chapter is boring but i swear its going to get better... I didn't really think about the start only like the middle and the end so... yeah give me a chance to get there.






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