Break Out

They hate me. They made me. I'm me. Nothing can change. Now isn't that scary? Seventeen year old Justice Sruble is living in the year 2040, a whole new thing to us. Way beyond our, technology and everything is different. She's got that power that no one knows about; death.


2. They Made Me

   More than anything I've longed for a mother's call. A mother's voice. A mother's touch. More than anything, a mother's comfort. But I'll never get my chance to. They made me. My long, brown, flowing curls draped over my shoulder, in a perfect style. My eyes fixated at items in the room around me. Nothing but pure white cushions surrounded me. Growling, my eyes narrowed and looked up. Lab coats draped their long body, cloaking each one of them. The site and even the thought of those coats make me wanna puke.


Hey guys, sorry about this being short, I promise to edit this chapter, as I'm really tired now. I swear, it's like I can't spell today. Sorry.

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