1D, me, and my friends

Me and my 3 friends meet 1D


1. My whole cliff hanger story

Well, it all started out when my three friends, Carlie, Melinda, Emily, and I were walking in the mall and we saw a poster. The poster said One Direction meet and greet TODAY at 1:00pm and it was 1:01. "OMG, 1D is in the mall right now and we didn't even now about it. How could we not now about this . I feel soooo stupid right now. OMG what are we waiting for LET'S GO!!!" Melinda said. She ran away towards the food court because that's where they were. I ran after her and grabbed her hand,"Stop! We can't just go up there and not have anything for them to sign." "Your right, they have stuff One Direction related there." "Ok." We went to Claire's and got t-shirts and books. We all ran to the line, the line wasn't that long because we don't really live in a big area. After 3 hrs and 23 mins they called next, it was our turn, I think we were all nervous. I sticked with the girls because I was probably the most nervous because I have a life size figure of Louis in my room. So we met Liam( Melinda was really excited), and we met Zayn, we met Louis( I was super psyched), we met Niall, and we met Harry( Emily and Carlie were really excited). When we were leaving Emily looked at her shirt and she shrieked, we asked her what's up and she wave for us to come look at her shirt. Harry wrote as a note will you go on a date with me.
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