Full Metal Love

This is a fake diary/1st person view like story. It contains the story of how Mech a small town boy who didn't know what to do with life joining the heavy calvary unit in the army, and Little Marine, a girl around the same age who joined the marines out of family obligation; and their growing relationship on the battle field of war and love.

I'll be honest, I do not know much about the military (so if I do something wrong just point it out.), this is my first love story to ever try to write, and also im only going to use nicknames for the main characters, that way there is really no people attached to this story so that the readers can try to relate to them in some way, minus the military thing, maybe. Also this is just an attempt to capture a dream I had.


4. Training

Two days later after the event in the mess hall we had a battle training session. The training will be played as a reinforcement deployment where a group of Marines would join and help a "stranded" group of Army infantry and calvary. I was part of the calvary unit, and we drew the unlucky straw as having the broken down tank. Our job was to get it up in running under enemy fire as fast as possible. The method used to create "enemy fire" was using costumed made paint ball guns to be just like the ones we would be issued with. They wanted it to be as realistic as possible so they just put us in an urban training grown and told us to start working on the tank we were given.

So there I was just getting the tools out talking to one of the infantry guys who were with us when one of the "bullets" from the enemy smacked into the side of his helmet. These weren't designed to kill, but to hurt like hell, and he dropped. I knew it was fake and so did he, but we were shaking really bad. I crouched after seeing him get hit, and just sat there thinking over and over in my head "what happened, why, what....that was so fast."  I heard yelling and return fire as I just knelled there, the other guy even though we knew the rules just sat there to dumbfounded. Finally one of the trainers walked over to him and helped him off the field where the "dead" would go, as the head mechanic of my group came over to me. He didn't say a word, just smacked me pointed to the tools and to the tank. I just moved mechanically, no thoughts or anything.

After a while of working we had to stop because of the heavy fire from the enemy, so I picked up my gun and kept cover and not shooting. Another infantry man was next to me just shooting randomly when he looked over while reloading and asked why I wasn't shooting. "We don't have a lot of ammo, and whats the point of wasting it shooting the buildings." and while saying thing I noticed a movement in a window two stories up in a building to our left. Without thinking I just pointed into the window and sent a few rounds up there, and to my surprise there was one of the "enemy" about to flank us before getting two paint splashes in his chest. I heard the one guy next to me say "just luck you got him." So after that we got into a rhythm of fixing and defending.

We heard over our radio ear pieces that friendly Marines were entering to our position from south east. So we watched as they slowly jogged into our defensive position around the tank and just looked at the remaining 28 out of 50 of us. They laughed and say we must suck to be almost half way down of our numbers, while they hadn't lost one person. But then one of the other Marines said the only reason was because they hadn't been engaged with the enemy. I ignored them mostly and just kept working. You could tell they hadn't seen anyone, because they were just standing around, while the rest of us were keeping cover.

Some of us were listed as "wounded" but could still fight, and the rest did have a few injuries. For example, my hand reopened up, I dislocated two fingers in my left hand when I got it caught between two parts, and I had a cut across my arm. Everyone else was kind'ov like that as well, a few little injuries that happened because they put a body part in the wrong place, but nothing serious. But we knew one thing, if we whined over something like this we would never make it in a real fight, so we just grinned and kept doing the job, knowing that this is nothing compared to the real deal.

While working, I noticed two people come next to me, one crouched down and took cover with me while the other just leaned against the tank in full view. I looked over fast enough to see it was Little Marine and she seemed a bit shock to see how dirty I was.

I just smiled and said "Lovely day aint it?" while pointing to the sky.

"Yeah...are you ok?" she seemed a bit taken aback by how calm I was acting.

"Yea, just a few scrapes and bruises, but nothing more. Also tell your friend there to take cover."

The other person just looked down at me and I noticed it was the leader of the group from the mess hall. He just looked at me with disgust and said "Why should I listen to you? Your not in control or any...." before he could say more a few "bullets" hit him in a few places as we were fired upon again. Just like me Little Marine was shaking and staring wide eyed as the officials dragged her friend away.

"Well I did warn him." I mumbled as I set down the tools and picked up my rifle "hey..." I smack the back of her helmet, "Focus or you will end up like him. Also if your group didn't bring new supplies than pick your shots, don't waste the ammo, we are low as it is." then I just grabbed her hand without thinking gave it a light squeeze and started to defend yet again.

About two hours later we get the tank up and running. We decided that since the other two groups of Army and Marines that came in didn't have any conflicts we would retreat back from the enemy position. So I loaded the tools and hopped onto the back of the tank to help with covering fire as we retreated. After going down the road some we split into three groups, the tank and a few people will continue down the main road, while two groups will split onto both sides of the streets and go down that way. I noticed Little Marine was scared so I just reached over and grabbed her.

"What is it Mech?"

"We lost a crewman in the defending and we need an extra shooter, so how bout it?"

"But...won't I get in trouble, plus would the other mind?"

The head mechanic looked at her, "hell we do need at least one more extra gun, so if anyone says anything I'll take the blame."

So Little Marine and I helped defending the tank as we retreated into friendly area, where other soldiers were about to begin their training, since ours was done for the day. I was leaning back staring at the sky as the tank rolled on with Little Marine next to me still shaking. I reached over and grabbed her hand and slowly rubbed the top of it with my thumb while humming just random things. I then rolled my head over to look at her and smiled "It's OK to be scared. For the only way to be brave is to be scared." I squeezed her hand tightly a bit while staring into those deep eyes, before looking back into the sky which is just as deep. Then to surprise me more she moved closer to me and leaned her head against my shoulder and said "I may be scared but I know I'm not alone."

We rode back into base like that with angry looks from both of our groups, and the yelling from our officers that this is no time for mushy love stuff. Even during all the yelling I couldn't help but remember those lovely eyes, and the feel of her leaning against me.

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