Full Metal Love

This is a fake diary/1st person view like story. It contains the story of how Mech a small town boy who didn't know what to do with life joining the heavy calvary unit in the army, and Little Marine, a girl around the same age who joined the marines out of family obligation; and their growing relationship on the battle field of war and love.

I'll be honest, I do not know much about the military (so if I do something wrong just point it out.), this is my first love story to ever try to write, and also im only going to use nicknames for the main characters, that way there is really no people attached to this story so that the readers can try to relate to them in some way, minus the military thing, maybe. Also this is just an attempt to capture a dream I had.


3. First Encounter

It took about a week to get all the other buses and convoys into base to set up the training session. We will be training together for about a month or so, and of course as I thought before hand, arguments and people trying to out do one another began the first day. I was out washing the tank after training and before dinner where we will all be able to have free time together for the first time. While doing that some of the Marines were looking around, and that short little girl was with them. I glanced at her, and remembering what happened last time, left it at that so I didn't get hurt again. There were about five guys and three girls, including her, and the guys were bad mouthing about our tanks. Of course I was offended since I was a tank crewmen, but I knew better than trying to start something over a little matter. They also seemed to remember I was "that idiot who can't even use a hammer" and so they made fun of me as I worked. I ignored them, but stole glances at her every chance I got. I just couldn't look away, it was like my eyes were drawn to her. One of the girls noticed and said out loud "Hey, lets go, that guy is giving her some weird looks." And so they left, with a few threats that if I go any where near her I would regret it.

About an hour later it was time to eat so I went and changed into dry clothes before going to the mess hall with Bacon. He kept busy keeping the peace between all of us, so he was glad for the rest for once. We were sitting and talking when of course my eyes went straight to her, where she was sitting alone reading a book. Bacon noticed and just laughed a bit "So found someone your interested in?"

"I don't know. I just can't stop looking at her."

"Well you know what that means..." Bacon points at me and than at her, "You should go talk to her."

"She already thinks I'm a idiotic weirdo."

Bacon laughs, "and yet they still let you use a hammer."

While we were talking I noticed a few Army member heading up to her. I couldn't hear what was being said, but she didn't look happy with it. So I mentioned it to Bacon, and all he said was for me to go be a shining knight. Though I couldn't stay away so I walked over to see what was going on. As I walked up carrying my drink so I would seem casual, I heard the Army guys saying things that shouldn't be said to a young lady. She got mad and tried to walk away when one of the guys grabbed her arm and pulled her to him. Of course that set her Marine friends off, and half the mess hall was looking for a fight, so I did the stupid thing of stepping in the middle.

"Hey, you should let go of the Little Marine."

The soldier just looked at me, "How bout you mind your own business, and plus your Army, so why help a Marine?"

"Does it matter what I choose to do or not?" I asked while also stepping in between him and her. It might would have ended if the Marine guys hadn't walked up.

The one who seemed to be the leader walked up and grabbed the guys shirt "How bout you let go of her before I show you why we are better." that line set off the whole room, which probably would have never been brought under control with out a fight if I didn't go off the deep end.

I wasn't thinking and so I just squeezed my glass breaking it and then slamming it onto the table causing the cuts to become worse before yelling "We are all on the same side, so get over your "My branch is better" shit, and start liking one another. You," I say this as I pull the two men a part and shove my finger into the Army guys chest, "Need to learn to treat people right, and stop your attitude before it gets you killed, and you," I turn around and point at the Marine "Need to learn to settle things by thinking instead of acting like an idiot. Now I want all of you to sit down and shut up." I didn't noticed my hand was covered in blood and everyone was in shock at how I just went off like that. But it did serve a purpose, by the time I finished saying what was needed to be said, the MP's from both branches had started getting things calmed down.

As they were taking everyone who was involved for punishment, including the girl, Bacon grabbed me and took me to the infirmary. Boy was the doctor mad when he had to dig out glass from my hand, but after about an hour he finished and wrapped it up. As I was walking out Bacon was walking in to check up on me and I asked what was their punishments. He said "Well all those involved has to run five laps around the base, besides you since they think what happened to your hand was punishment enough." I just shook my head, and told him "Well I was given some pain killers, so I don't feel much, so I don't think it would hurt to much to run a few laps." So I left him standing there saying I was an idiot.

I started my first lap while they were on their third. As I was going, the Army people were in a group and as they went by they tripped me and I could hear them all call me a traitor. I just pulled myself up when the Marines came around to knock me down again and said I should stay away from them. I was expecting that to happened, but not what happened next. As I got up for the second time I heard from behind me "Does it hurt?" And there was that little Marine girl.

"Uh, no, not really. I was giving some medicine for the pain so I don't feel much at all." I was nervous talking to her.

"Ah, well it sucks you having to run after what happened to your hand, even though it was your fault."

I just chuckled a bit "Well Little Marine, I didn't have to run, I choose so. That way the others wont think I am to good for it, plus it was kind'ov my fault that it all happened."

She just looked at me like I was insane, "You could be sitting in your bunk right now, but you decided to run because you felt like it was your fault? Also, why did you call me Little Marine?"

"Uh, well..." I just started stud-erring, "well, its because your a Marine, and your pretty small...." I look down and then look back at her eyes which were so deep and beautiful, " is it ok if i call you that?"

"I guess so. Its my first nickname, so its just a bit weird." She seemed to blush a bit and then asked "So what is your name?"

"I go by Mech."

"That is a weird name" she again looks at me like I'm crazy.

I just couldn't help but smile at her, "Maybe so Little Marine." Without thinking I just reached over and rubbed her head and smiled at her. I think we were both in shock afterward since we didn't talk till her run was over. Which she then looked at me before leaving, "Well I'll see you tomorrow Mech, and if you can keep the Little Marine thing between us for now." She blushed a bit and I decided to make her blush more so I took a deep bow and said "of course my Little Marine." I just laughed as she looked flustered and starting grumbling about how annoying and embarrassing I was as she stormed off.

That was the first encounter we had together, and it was that meeting that set the tracks to our battle with love.

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