Full Metal Love

This is a fake diary/1st person view like story. It contains the story of how Mech a small town boy who didn't know what to do with life joining the heavy calvary unit in the army, and Little Marine, a girl around the same age who joined the marines out of family obligation; and their growing relationship on the battle field of war and love.

I'll be honest, I do not know much about the military (so if I do something wrong just point it out.), this is my first love story to ever try to write, and also im only going to use nicknames for the main characters, that way there is really no people attached to this story so that the readers can try to relate to them in some way, minus the military thing, maybe. Also this is just an attempt to capture a dream I had.


1. Big Choice

I have a degree to be a teacher, yet I am not happy. I've spent about four years to get this degree, and now I am 23, unhappy, and tired of life, so I decided before I settle down I will do one last crazy thing. That is how I ended up at the recruiting office for the Army. I am going to join the Calvary, for some reason I just always wanted to work on the tanks. My recruiting went weird though, mostly because of my situation at home. I just got out of college and moved back in with my parents till I find a job, my parents support the troops, as long as my siblings or me are not apart of them, so that is where my first problem started. So my recruiting went like this:


I walk into the office and walk up to the desk "Excuse me, but I would like to enlist into the service." The desk attendant just looked at me, and pointed to a clipboard and said "Fill all this out, and return it and we will call you within a week for a meeting," they then went back to typing on the computer.

"Uh, I want to join now, and leave as soon as possible, that way I don't have to deal with my family long." I said while grabbing the clip board.

The desk attendant just sighed "Well sir, we can not do that, so you will just have to deal with it, now let me get back to work." I wouldn't have been so mad if they were really working instead of playing on the computer, so instead of just walking out like it seemed like fate was telling me, I slammed the clipboard onto the desk and demanded to see a higher ranking person.

At that time a man was coming out of the office talking to another boy who was enlisting and he looked up "What is going on out here?" The desk attendant gave a sharp salute "Well sir, this person here is causing a disturbance and demanding to be allowed to skip the written parts and join right now into the service."

The recruiting officer looks me up and down "Well come in sir and lets see what I can do for you." So I followed him into his office.

I told him my situation, about my life, family, unhappiness, and such; and that I just want to go out and experience something new. He then asked what part of the Army did I want to join, and I told him "I want to work with the tanks, I always liked machines and I think it would be a cool story to tell my family later on in life." He laughed at me, and I thought he would tell me to leave.

I was getting up to leave when he stood up and held out his hand. I shook it and he said "Well we have a bus leaving in two days, be here by then and we will ship you out west to learn all about the tanks, though the only position open for them right now is field mechanic, so if your group is shipped out to some fighting you will be with them to help repair and maintenance the tank you are assigned to during battle, so your training will be in combat and tank mechanics and usage. Are you sure you want to go and do this?"

I just smiled, " I"ll see you in two days Sir, and thank you for allowing me to do this."

So I left the building that day, officially apart of the Army and taking my first steps to becoming a battlefield mechanic; but first I have to tell my family.

Everyone was there that day sitting around talking when I walked in. I decided to not waste any time and just flat out said "in two days I am catching a bus to go to basic training for the Army, I have signed up to be a tank mechanic. I know you are going to yell, but I just couldn't stand feeling like I was trapped any more and felt like I should try to do more with my life." To be honest, they were furious. I was yelled at, said I should go and cancel my enlistment, told I was to old now to join the Army, pretty much every excuse they could think of was used. Though I just looked at them and told them all "This is my choice, I am going. If you don't support me than fine, but just so you know, I will miss all of you while i'm gone, now I'm going to go pack......and sorry if I disappointed any of you with my choice."

I then walked out of the room and packed what the officer told me I would need, all the while keeping back tears and wondering if I really made the right choice.

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