Full Metal Love

This is a fake diary/1st person view like story. It contains the story of how Mech a small town boy who didn't know what to do with life joining the heavy calvary unit in the army, and Little Marine, a girl around the same age who joined the marines out of family obligation; and their growing relationship on the battle field of war and love.

I'll be honest, I do not know much about the military (so if I do something wrong just point it out.), this is my first love story to ever try to write, and also im only going to use nicknames for the main characters, that way there is really no people attached to this story so that the readers can try to relate to them in some way, minus the military thing, maybe. Also this is just an attempt to capture a dream I had.


2. Basics

Well it was hard to get a ride to the recruiting office. I was lucky a friend of mine was back home from his first tour of duty, so he took me there. I shook his hand and he told me "Don't worry, basics is not all that bad, at least after the first week." I could only laugh as I climbed into the bus with my right hand shaking really badly.

The bus ride took forever, and was kind of annoying as well. I was the oldest one on that bus, and it seems like everyone was on there bragging about how great they will become. I just sat there staring out the window wondering if I will ever be able to come back home, or if being a soldier is the only future I have left. It was during that time when a boy around 18 got onto the bus and the only open seat was next to me. Well he sat there and I just nodded at him in welcome. I was going to leave it at that, but he decided to start talking to me. At first it was just basic questions like, whats my name and such but then I came to realize he was an idealistic boy with a strange view of the Army thanks to movies. So the conversation went kind of like this:

"So what is the job you are going to do?"

It was a while since I said anything so I hesitated a bit before saying "I'm a combat mechanics for tanks, how about you?"

The boy laughed a bit, "I will be in training to be a MP, and since then my friends have been calling me Private Bacon, so do you have a nickname? I mean every war movie you see they go by nicknames by what they did or are doing."

"No, I don't have a nickname, I don't see this as a game, but as an escape." He looked at me weird when I said that, so I shrugged, "You will understand when you are older, I guess."

"Ah, well I'll give you a nickname. So your a mechanic, then I will call you Mech, its short for mechanic, plus it sounds like a real name."

I just laughed and said sure why not, and that was how I became Mech, and the name I was called through out all of basics and the up coming fighting.

After a few more hours we have finally arrived at the fort we would be doing basics in. It was a small fort, but it had a lot of open space for the vehicles. We got off the bus and lined up for a roll call, and then marched to our barracks. It was late in the day so we was shown to the mess hall, where we ate and then went back to the barracks and got ready to go to sleep.

5 A.M. hell broke loose. All you could here was trumpets, yelling, and movement all over the place. Bacon (what we began calling the boy) was shaking me saying "Hey Mech wake up, we need to be ready for the morning jog in five minutes, and if we are late than no breakfast." He then ran to get his shoes on, so I did as advised and got ready real fast and ran to the parade ground, where my first day at basics began.

Basics was like living the same day over and over again. It seemed to never change for the first four weeks, but then in the fifth we started weapon training. I enjoyed that time, it was pretty fun, and Bacon and me always tried to out do each other. At the seventh week we continued with weapon training just more advanced, and was split up to do our specialized training, and that is when I was first introduced to the 56th tank company, and assigned to work on the tank Behemoth. I was first put into a class where I learned the history, mechanics, functions, and etc... of the tank I will be taking care of as a third ranked mechanic. Each tank has three mechanics, I was the third for the Behemoth, which was fine with me, less stress, even though I ended up with the grunt work most the time.

I got use to it, and enjoyed to practice drills with the tanks, and I still got to talk to Bacon a lot on off time. It was during one of those times when we heard that in a week, we will be having a joint training with the other branches of the military so we can learn to work with them. All the guys and girls were saying how its time to show how much better the Army was than the rest, while Bacon and me just sat back and thought what might happen.

"You know what Mech. I have a feeling that there will be more competition than anyone working together."

"I agree, though it will be interesting, and you will more than likely be busy."

He just laughed and agreed.

A week later the first bus to arrive was carrying some of the Marines, and I was out putting together some new treads for the tank while watching them disembark from the bus. That was the first time I saw her, she was the shortest one, so she was hard to spot, but yet; my eyes went straight to her and I couldn't look away. That is until I hit my hand with the hammer, and got laughed at by all the Marines.

I knew something will happen in the next couple of weeks, but I never would have imagine what happen to have happened.

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