You Don't Know Your Beautiful:A Cinderella story

When Ella Hillian, a half Irish half British girl goes to school for the first time since her dad died she regrets it. Ella's developed Leukaemia she's become one of the most insecure and shy people to go to her school. And her step mother and sisters abuse just makes it worse. But when she meets Niall, Zayn, Harry, Louis, and Liam she becomes, happier. And She has feelings for them.They all seem to have feelings for her too, even her cousin, Niall who she forgot existed a long time ago. Who will she choose? When will she choose. Will her sisters try to stop her?
These are the questions of Ella Hillion's
Cinderella story.


10. Truth or Dare/Zayn What's!

I get settled in. We probably won't be doing anything too exotic tonight. So I just change into a pink shirt that says"KISS ME I'M IRISH" In neon green writing. Then some black shorts with rainbow socks. Then I braid my hair on the sides then down my back.

I walk downstairs and see all the Boys on the couch. I stand there waiting for them to get out of their little transes.
"Louis don't you want to know how long I have to live." I shout. They snap out of it.
"How long Ella?" They all say.
"Twelve months to two years is the estimate."
"Which one is most accurate?" Asks Zayn.
"The twelve months." I say and see Niall's fists clenched up.

"You're right Ella I do feel very angry, thanks for saving our lives in the car." Says Niall.
"Hey, Ella. If you need some space we totally understand." Says Louis.
"Of course on not. I need some cheering up, I came down here for a reason."
"Yay! Truth or Dare!" Says Louis.

We sit in a circle and when Niall sits next to me I see he's wearing a black shirt that says"KISS ME I'M IRISH" in red writing. What a coincidence.

"Ella, truth or dare?!" Asks Louis.
"Boring but ok. Who was your first kiss and When?"
"I don't think I've ever had a kiss before."
"Stop lying Ella." Says Harry.
"Seriously." I say to Harry. Everyone is wide eyed.
"Shocker," Louis whispers. "Harry your next."

"Ella, I dare you to kiss someone in this room." He says. Kiss, I barely knew any of these boys. Oh, I've got an idea. I take Niall's face in my hands and kiss him on the cheek for five seconds. Harry definitely looks surprised.

"You never said on the lips Harry. You probably wanted me to kiss you." I said. Everyone started laughing. Harry is blushing.

After the game there are a few regrets and Harry and Liam are on the ground wincing in pain from Louis hitting them where boys should not be hit. We watch some Telly and order a 'Few' pizzas. Then we have a contest to see who eats the most.

"She's your cousin Niall." Says Liam.
"How can you tell."
"Blonde hair, blue eyes, race, oh, and that you at ten bloody slices of pizza!" Shouts Harry.
"Really I was going to order some more." I say licking my fingers.
"Ha! Zayn owes me ten pounds!" Screams Louis. They placed bets on how much I'd eat, boys.

"Speaking of him where is Zayn?" I ask.
"He snuck outside while you ate your tenth pizza." Says Liam. I start to walk outside.
"Where're you going?" Asks Liam.
"To get some fresh air."
"None out there." He says. I wonder what he meant.

I open the door silently, and see Zayn leaning up against the house holding a four inch white stick to his mouth. He takes it out of his mouth and breathes smoke. Zayn turns his head, sees me and smashes the stick against the side of the house. He looks embarrassed. Wait, wait, wait, wait!
Zayn SMO...!
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