You Don't Know Your Beautiful:A Cinderella story

When Ella Hillian, a half Irish half British girl goes to school for the first time since her dad died she regrets it. Ella's developed Leukaemia she's become one of the most insecure and shy people to go to her school. And her step mother and sisters abuse just makes it worse. But when she meets Niall, Zayn, Harry, Louis, and Liam she becomes, happier. And She has feelings for them.They all seem to have feelings for her too, even her cousin, Niall who she forgot existed a long time ago. Who will she choose? When will she choose. Will her sisters try to stop her?
These are the questions of Ella Hillion's
Cinderella story.


1. Starts Here

I look at the clock on the side of my bed (5:45) I should get ready. I'm the one who wanted to start college.The only reason Evanora is letting me go is to get me out of the house. I get out of bed and go to the bathroom. I strip and jump in the shower.

Ten minutes later I come out. Before I wrap my towel around me I look at myself in the mirror. I barley breath,I'm to tired to stand sometimes, and I loose weight to fast and am in danger of becoming anorexic. I put my attention toward my hip. That's Anda's stiletto heal mark.

Anda and Yevette stole my medication. When I tried to get it back Yevette punched me in the stomach. When I fell to the ground Anda stepped on me with her high heal and stepped harder whenever I tried to get up .

But what about the rest of my bruises that won't heal unless I get over this Leukemia. How would the people at school see me. Well, that's not going to happen. I'll keep the Leukaemia to myself and hide the bruises.

I brush my hair and put it in a pony tail with some sticking out to cover my face. I look at my face my lips are purple too, so I just put some light pink lipgloss on so it will blend in, and that's as good as I'm going to get.

I walk out of the bathroom and go to my room. I pick out something to wear, a blue long sleeve button up shirt, grey cardigan, blue jeans, and boots. I look average . Well I'm not trying to draw attention to myself.

I grab my bag and money and go downstairs. I I eat than brush my teeth. I look at the clock in the living room. It's 8:59. Did I really take that long. Well I grab my bag and my meds. And I head out the door putting on my identafication bracelete.

I walk four blocks till I get to Widstrum college. I walk through the door and go to the door with the sign that says (Principle Newport),and walk in. There sits a woman reading a book that says student records. She looks a little younger than I imagined her but with motherly vibe to her.
"You must be our special new student. "
"Y, yes I guess you could call me that."
"Please sit down and we'll get your registration as a new student filed."
She takes my full name (Ellaina Hillian), my age (17), and about my problems.
Then puts down my education records of online schooling since I was thirteen.

She prints off the files and makes me sign them. Then she gives me a piece of paper.
"This is a map of the school. I labeled the rooms 1-10. So start at 1 and go up. And at 10 go get changed at the locker room. Can you handle that?"
I just nod looking at the paper.
"Good luck, and before you start the day the nurse would like to speak with you."

I give a quick smile and walk out the door. I walk to the other room that says (nurse Wenson) and I walk in.
"Hello, come in please."
She comes over to shake my hand.
"I'm Carlisle Wenson. We'll be seeing each other a lot this year."
This can't be the school nurse. She looks only a few years younger then me. Bright blonde hair, make up, perfect skin. She looks more like a student. The only thing that stands out are the tight scrubs.

"So I have to keep a record of our special students."
She goes to her computer .
"You have extra meds with you right?"
"Cyclophosphamide, vincristine, and and prednisone, ya."
"Have you started Chimotherapy yet?"
"No I only have chronic Leukemia."
"Can you show me some physical evidance?"

Ok the other questions were easy. I'm usually not that shy around people in the medical field, but I guess I don't see Carlisle that way.I struggle but I manage to pull my shirt up enough to see my bruises .She gives me a sad look and typed on her computer again. She gets up with a marker and takes the medication from me writing my name on them.

I start to walk out the door.
"Wait. Here you go."She gives me a piece of paper.I look up at her.
"When I worked at the doctors office people your age used to say they rather die than be made fun of because of their disease. I don't want you to feel like that. If you need anything, anything at all you know how to reach me."She says closing the door. That really did help.

I walk over to the hall entrance. Starting a few weeks late into the school year isn't very dignified.
But this is it. It's going to start here.
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